Simple: It’s fleet management efficiency, now. You focus on running your business and our tools will help you lower your SAFER scores and keep you in compliance.

We help you with things such as accident investigations and claims management, integration of eDVIRs with the mechanic repair process, document management, DOT Audit preparation, certified compliance ELD and many other tools craved by the modern trucking company.

Our patented tools will improve your company’s safety and performance, allowing you to negotiate better contracts with your clients and insurance carriers. Operate knowing you are managing the best-run fleet on the road.

gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, accident investigation, claims management, trucking fleet management


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gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, repair tracker, trucking fleet management, eDVIR
gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, mechanic inspections, trucking fleet management, eDVIR process
gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, fleet compliance, trucking fleet management


Keep your fleet in compliance. Why? Your clients require it, and you'll reduce fines, increase efficiencies, save money, and make more profit!

We will keep your documents in order and you can rest at ease. With our tools, you will be notified if something is missing from a file or if a document like an MVR has expired and it’s time to reorder. Oh, and those pesky audits aren’t a problem any longer. Can you imagine something so useful?


Make the repair and get moving again. Tracking repairs for the mechanic is crucial to running a trucking operation. If the parts are on order, we will know. We track the repair from the eDVIR to the mechanic, the scheduling of repairs back to the driver signing off that it’s been fixed! Then, because it matters to the DOT, we keep track of the records.


Are you ready to be a vehicle maintenance ninja? Be the Samurai you always wanted to be with our automated eDVIR, mechanic inspection, preventive maintenance and DOT inspection systems. Making something this easy is criminal. Our eDVIR process is also compliant with FMCSA’s ruling 49 CFR, 396.11 and 396.13.

gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, documentation, log books trucking fleet management
gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, truck maintenance, trucking fleet management,
gorilla safety, fleet management, mobile fleet management, gps tracking, trucking fleet management, trucking gps


Here trucky, trucky. Where are you trucky? Ever feel like you can’t find your trucks? Tired of not knowing what’s going on around your business? You can’t leave yourself in the position of not knowing where your $160,000 truck and $75,000 trailer are.


    There is no excuse for that any longer. Asset tracking and being able to answer the number one question in the transportation business: “Where’s my delivery”, when a client asks is crucial to customer service. The power of knowing your business is the power to profit from it.


Document management on steroids. We help you track your important documents such as MVR’s, IFTA reports, repair receipts, Log Books, and DVIR’s alerting you if something is missing. Does peace-of-mind during an audit sound good?


Your trucks need to be PM'd. Let your mechanic schedule that and let our system notify the driver and the fleet manager. We will make sure everyone knows when it’s going to be done. Won't it be nice to just know things are running smoothly? Santa came early for you this year!




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