• Is Gorilla Safety Easy to Use?

    Yes! Gorilla Safety designed the app to offer most features with two steps or less. This allows for quick, efficient use and drivers love it!

    Additionally, we have included pointers for the screens so you will know what everything does. It has to be easy. We’ve got you covered!

  • Will Gorilla Safety use much data on my plan?

    Gorilla Safety has been designed to use as little data as possible while providing the information required to run the business. There are small packets of information sent to the cloud on regular intervals delivering these updates.

  • What phones are supported by Gorilla Safety?

    Gorilla Safety currently operates on iOS (7.0 and later) and Android (4.1 and later) devices. If you have a device on another platform, please let us know. We are continually developing our product and will introduce additional platforms when they are ready.

  • Is Gorilla Safety US Based?

    Yes! We believe in the notion that we buy American and we are proud to be a US based business.

    We encourage you to reinvest in your US community. Remember, for every $100 dollars spent in the local economy, $68 remains. This is powerful!

  • Where can I download the Gorilla Safety App?

    You can download the Gorilla Safety App from the iTunes Store or Google Play. When you have it downloaded, login using the credentials provided in the email we sent to you. If you need another copy, request a password on the login screen.

  • How do I sign up?

    Signup is easy, simply go to the login screen, and click Registration. On the next screen you will be prompted to enter basic company information and then checkout. You will then be able to start building your loss control and safety manuals, along with entering your truck and driver information.

  • Why do I need a Loss Control Manual?

    The biggest costs in a transportation business are the unknown losses. Many times you can mitigate losses but sometimes you can’t and must do what you can to prevent the preventable.

    The reasons why losses are so expensive are numerous. To name a few there are increased insurance costs, down-time of equipment, loss of key employees, reputational damage, ability to attract and keep clients, efficiencies and overall profitability of the organization.

    Because of these costs, we place a high value on helping you become organized and be able to control the things a business owner can control.

  • Why do I need a Safety Manual?

    Safety manuals are no longer optional. As a business owner in today’s world you need to have a manual and procedures to guide the day-to-day practice of your workforce.

    Your safety manual will help you remain profitable and cause you to be a better client to an insurance company. With this, you can command the most favorable terms for your insurance program.

    In addition to that, you will be more attractive to your clients. They crave the best service providers and you can be that. You can’t be that without being safe. Be safe, implement the right procedures today.

  • Is Gorilla Safety Compliant with current US DVIR regulations?

    Yes! While the engine connected device is currently in testing, Gorilla Safety will keep your fleet in compliance with current FMCSA’s rules and regulations. There are certain steps you need to take in order to become compliant which are outlined in the user guides.

  • Will Gorilla Safety be Compliant with the Proposed Document Rules?

    Yes! Gorilla Safety is the only solution on the market that stores all relevant documents required under the proposed rule requiring up to 10 documents.

    Under the proposed rule, an officer may require up to 10 documents; the first, the last and up to eight documents in between, for the current shift. This is easily done through our document management system.

  • Do I have to have a printer?

    No, you don’t have to have a printer to use Gorilla Safety. You will be afforded the opportunity to recreate your logs by faxing, printing or hand writing them during the inspection.

    If the inspector would like to have a copy of your records, offer to email them. If he would prefer a fax, you can send any of this by fax to the number of his choosing.

  • How do I edit my logs?

    You will go into the log and press the edit icon. This will allow you to make corrections.

  • Can my mechanic set preventive maintenance parameters?

    It is imperative to stay on top of your preventive maintenance. Gorilla Safety and Fleet Management allows for your mechanic to schedule preventive maintenance.

  • What documents are stored in your Gorilla Safety and Management system?

    Our system will store all of your pertinent documents from delivery receipts, bills of lading, DVIR’s, logbooks, mileage records, repair receipts, accident photos, accident summary report, driver files, signed policies, company records, registrations, MVR’s, medical cards, insurance documents, GPS details, oversize/overweigh permits and about anything else that matters in your business.

  • Does Gorilla Safety allow for personal conveyance?

    Yes, you can select this as a status to indicate your travel as personal conveyance allowing you to drive under that exception.

  • Does Gorilla Safety Track the 30-Minute Break?

    Yes, Gorilla safety will tell you how much time you have until you have to take your required break. If you don’t you will get alerts to remind you. Stay on top of your logs and in compliance.

  • GPS - Will I be able to see where all of my trucks are?

    Of course, you will know where your trucks are. Gorilla safety displays which trucks are where, if they are loaded and so much more. Your life will be easier and your clients are going to love knowing where their shipment is.

  • What documents does Gorilla Safety Track?

    Gorilla Safety tracks all documents required by your business. You can add whatever documents you require and even assign an expiration date so you can keep better tabs for compliance.

  • How do my drivers know how to use it?

    Easy. We have created a help tool inside the app by using overlays for all of the screens so the driver knows exactly what every button does. It’s so simple to use the drivers will be amazed.

  • How does Gorilla Safety help with accidents?

    Gorilla Safety is the preeminent tool used for accident investigation for fleets of all sizes. This product guides the driver through the process and assures he captures all of the right data at the right time. This is crucial for filing claims, risk management and stopping insurance claims abuse by other drivers.

    We put these tools in your hands so you can better manage your business.

Gorilla Safety Fleet Management BBB Business Review