Fleet Management

Total Control

With Gorilla Safety’s fleet management technology, you will know everything about your business and your team will know what to do and when.

That means you’ll have more time to run your business.

Repair and Maintenance

Keeping your trucks healthy and on the road is job number one.  Utilize the award winning patented repair and maintenance solution by Gorilla Fleet Intelligence to bring you to a new level of reliability.  Your customers and drivers will thank you.

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Mechanic App

Your drivers have an app, why wouldn’t the mechanics have an app?  Let your mechanics be as productive as you expect them to be with the ability to inspect vehicles, create work orders and track repairs and scheduling all from the mobile app.

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What’s the one surprise you really don’t want when your driver is on the road? An inspection that turns up simple, ridiculous, and expensive violations. You’re out money after you pay the fine. You’re driver loses time on the road. Even worse, you might just lose a customer.

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Best in class, award winning ELD.  What’s more?  This easy to use application has been compliance tested by a third party and offered in both iOS and Android.

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Dot Documents

Driver, truck and fleet files are tough to keep up with.  Not anymore!  Use this solution to reduce workload, remain organized and even identify if a document is missing.  Bring on the audit!

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SAFER Maintenance

CSA scores got you down?  Well, it’s time to get them down.  Many fleets have used this system to get SAFER scores in line and keep them there.

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Yellow Iron

Yellow Iron ain’t cheap, that’s for sure.

Know where your equipment is at any time. With the battery backup in the GPS trackers, you will be able to track where the equipment goes, even if it’s hauled off from the job site on a trailer.

While misplacing a trackhoe might not be likely, being able to properly bill for the usage based on location and proving that up to a customer might be important. Knowing how many days its on site gives you the insight to better understand your business and expenses while improving the customer experience you are providing to your clients.

Total Control is in the palm of your hand!

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Trailer Tracking

Keep losing your trucks?  We’re here to help.  You can now track the location of your trucks, trailers, yellow iron and more from the dashboard of your fleet management system

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Advanced GPS

The app is offered in English and Spanish.  If your fleet needs another language, talk to us about adding that.  Life is easier if everyone is on the same page.

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Driver Behaviors

Are you worried about driver retention?  We are too.  Your best drivers are your greatest asset.  When you reward them in the right way for the right things, they are happier and stay.  With Gorilla Fleet Intelligence, you will be able to identify the best and worst drivers based on multiple measure.  You can train the ones that need help and reward them for improvement.  Everyone wants to be better, now you can have the tools to make them happier, more productive and stick around longer.

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Fleet Insights

Know your fleet inside and out through key telematics information.  When you keep up with every aspect of your operation, it becomes more profitable and attractive to your customers.

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Are you having a hard time keeping your fleet up to snuff and files in line?  It’s time to up the accountability in your fleet operation and improve where you didn’t even know there was a problem before.  Now it’s easy and technology can do it for you.

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