CSA, DataQ, SMS: What’s the Difference?

CSA, DataQ, SMS: What’s the Difference? By Nidasha Willis If you’re a truck driver or trucking company, you may hear acronyms like SMS, CSA, and DataQ tossed around a lot. In this short blog, we’ll teach you how to distinguish the three, why they’re useful to you, and how they facilitate safety. Let’s get started.[…]

Challenging DataQ

How to Challenge a DOT Violation Using DataQ by Nidasha Willis DataQ is an electronic process that allows you to request and track a review of federal and state data issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Often individuals or companies will go through this process if they receive alerts, violations, and investigations[…]

Understanding DATAQs – Tips to Help Through the Process

]Understanding DATAQS – Tips to Help Through the Process By Nidasha Willis   This piece is an introduction of DataQ. Over the next several weeks, we will be adding more in depth pieces so you can be more comfortable with DataQ, its processes, and why you need to be cognizant of is relevance to you[…]