Gorilla Safety Offers Options for Light-Duty Trucks

pickup truck using an eld

Not every truck in your fleet is a 54-foot behemoth hauling big shipments across the country. Some of them are lighter duty pickup trucks used for smaller hauls. You might have thought that those trucks couldn’t be integrated in a fleet management system like Gorilla Safety. Think again.

Unlike other systems, we offer the OBDII connection for smaller trucks. Heavy-duty trucks use the J1939 ports, which isn’t a problem for other systems. Other electronic logging device (ELD) providers have ignored the specific needs of fleets that use light and medium duty trucks for work like hot-shot delivery to oil well sites or car hauling. But it’s not just the heavy-duty trucks that need to be monitored and made more efficient.

It’s important that all of your trucks are compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules and regulations, not just the big ones. Instead of forcing your fleet to work around a system designed for a different type of company, you need something flexible and comprehensive that fits you and your business – not the other way around.

Every fleet is different. Gorilla Safety knows this and provides solutions to help, regardless of your fleet’s size.

With Gorilla Safety as your fleet management and ELD solution, you can rest easy knowing that every vehicle you run is fully compliant. Big or small, you’ll get the ease of use, full compliance, and every benefit of our system. If you’re tired of being shown products designed for the biggest and heaviest trucks on the road, without any thought given to your light and medium duty trucks, the wait is over.

Contact Gorilla Safety today so we can show you exactly how flexible we are and how our system can fit your fleet, no matter what size it is or what kind of trucks you’ve got.

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