Sustainability – It’s an important cause.

Gorilla Safety was founded with the vision of bringing conservation and Green Living to yet another aspect of life.

Nearly every product is shipped and carried by a truck at some point during the process of manufacture, distribution or consumption. With that type of footprint, there is a huge opportunity to impact waste and lasting environmental impact.

Our clients come to us in order to improve or maintain best-in-class status so they are able to negotiate the best contracts with their clients, improve insurance rates, decrease downtime and improved overall performance for all stakeholders.

Gorilla Safety has many capabilities including GPS, Hours Of Service (both eLogs and ELD), IFTA mileage reporting, Hours Worked by driver, Accident Scene Management tools, Fuel Tracking, patented Closed-Loop Inspection Process including the mechanic, document management system, remote write-up program and more.

Our team is well experienced in safety and risk management and we are able to apply that knowledge and background to each relationship. It is our experience that transportation heavy businesses have multiple competing priorities allowing technology like this to help manage time, efficiencies and results in a positive way.

Fuel Consumption seems like an obvious way for a fleet to not only save money but also impact our environment in a positive way.

Gorilla Safety’s commitment to improving the world in which we live through improved fleet operations. Better routing of trucks, properly maintained vehicles, less downtime and re-routing of trucks due to breakdowns are all ways Gorilla Safety’s innovative product helps reduce the impact of fuel and petroleum overuse in the transportation business.

Paperless systems are another way Gorilla Safety is impacting the workplace and landfills. The trucking business, with every single load, every single day, produces countless pieces of paper. From logbooks to delivery receipts to bills of lading, a transportation company is covered in paper.

Gorilla Safety is committed to not only reducing the amount of paper being used but it’s also the only company to bring its customers to a level they can call paperless.

We are proud to say we have patents pending around the paperless process of a trucking operation and are excited to bring this much needed technology to the marketplace in a time when everyone seems to care about the environmental expense of each and every action taken by a company or institution.

Time is one of the biggest pollutants in our space. Let me explain why. When time is inappropriately used it is not only non-productive but it’s also a lost opportunity for improvement. When a team is efficiently using its resources, time being one of them, the organization is more effective and efficient in using its other resources such as properly maintained vehicles, paper management, overall system usage and proper training.

If time is allowed to be wasted, other inefficiencies will creep in. This valuable resource is central to the Gorilla Safety ecology and permeates throughout with the automation of many systems, paperless processes, reduced down-time and more efficient overall business operations.

Road Wear and Tear is a major environmental burden to our society and it increases waste in so many ways from simple manufacture of new road-building materials to the fuel used in reconstruction, time, taxes and other valuable resources.

Gorilla Safety is designed to keep trucks in tip-top condition, drivers well trained, management efficient, accident scenes processed and cleared quickly. Each of these things contribute to a more efficient roadway, reducing detours, downtime and inefficiencies that cause unwanted wear and tear to public and private roads.