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Gorilla Safety is a technology company focused on the safety of trucks, buses, cars and anything else driving down the road. We envision a world where texting and driving, operating poorly maintained vehicles and unqualified drivers are a thing of the past.

We have developed many innovative technologies, some with patents, some with patents pending and some being trade secrets. With these concepts and innovations, Gorilla Safety is on the cutting edge of technology available to fleets today.

The multi billion-dollar transportation industry is transcending paper and manual processes at a pace never expected. With the ELD mandate alone, there will be at least 5 million trucks and other vehicles requiring new technology in order to achieve compliance. The ELD alone represents nearly a $2 Billion industry. Gorilla Safety has positioned itself right in the middle of this expansion as being one of the very first and few certified ELD devices.

As you will see on our intellectual property page, Gorilla Safety has many innovative products, patents and patents pending, with more to be made public soon.

Be sure to look for Gorilla Safety in the news. We have many announcements planned as our R&D team prepares more solutions for release in the near future.

For investment inquiries or to learn more about Gorilla Safety’s initiatives and future development involvement please contact our corporate office at 844-636-1360.