Gestión de documentos

Think about your office for a moment. Do you even have an office? A desk? Is your computer covered in files you barely remember?

How many versions of the same form do you have? Too many.

The Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System takes that worry and hassle away, letting you streamline your documents and stay organized.

Think about a typical day:

  • You need that pre-trip inspection form signed and on your desk. Your driver swears they signed it and handed it to you, but it’s nowhere to be found.
  • You have a new driver about to go on the road and you need to give them a new safety manual, but you can’t seem to find the most up-to-date version. What happened to it?
  • You need to distribute new pre-trip inspection checklists to keep your drivers and trucks in compliance but they all seem to have gone missing.
  • What about that logbook you just had in your hand? The policy manual? An inspection report?
  • You have a new hire. Where did you put the driver qualification file?

Gorilla Safety is here to help.

In the shuffle of keeping up with drivers, mechanics, loads, and customers, it’s easy for the paperwork to get misplaced, misfiled, and mistakenly trashed. Finding it takes time, time you’re not spending talking to potential customers or scheduling new loads

The Document Management section of the Gorilla Safety app is exactly what you need, no matter how large or small your fleet is.

The document management solution is broken into four components:

Driver Qualification File

and supporting documents

Truck File

including things like Registration, Cab Cards and Repair History

Company File

includes IFTA reports, loss runs and permits

Patent Pending ELD Supporting Documents

section providing the user with the capability to keep up with all of the daily documents they need to support their ELD for the period.

Each of these documents sections can be expanded to include any type of document the fleet needs. For example, if your driver needs his Haz Mat paperwork uploaded, it can be added. If the fleet needs to add the MCS 150, it can be added. Every document throughout the system can be configured to alert the fleet manager or admin to the expiration. This keeps the fleet compliant.

In addition to the document storage and alerting solution, you can also upload the documents that your drivers need without worrying about printing costs, lost sheets, or misplaced files.

  • Delivery receipts, repair records, receipts, etc.
  • Policy and procedures
  • Training manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Documents that must be signed.

Any custom document that’s sitting in a file on your computer - far away from your drivers - or sitting in an old file cabinet, long forgotten - can be uploaded to a driver file so anyone who needs it can view it and sign it. This is great for remote training solutions.

With this functionality, when you need a signature, your driver can digitally sign it and send it back to you instantly – all through the app.

Does your mechanic have a hard time keeping up with paperwork? Are DVIRs hard to read? What about using pictures of the defect to be sure the mechanic knows exactly what to repair? Did your driver say he wrote something up 4 times and it still hasn’t been fixed? If you are like any other fleet, you have a hard time determining where the breakdown in communication is happening. Now, with Gorilla Safety’s repair and maintenance solution, your mechanics will have the information they need at their fingertips. No more excuses for not getting things signed off and sent back to you. It can all be done with the touch of a button.

Everything is in one place and none of it is in a stack on your desk, lost and forgotten. You’ll be more organized. Your drivers will be more informed. And your business will run more efficiently.

That’s what the Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System does for you and your business.