Investigacion del accidente

One Bad Accident Could Put You Out of Business

You’ve been in the business long enough to know that accidents are going to happen. No matter how many safety procedures you have in place or how much training you offer, one of your drivers will get into one eventually. Add in other drivers who think they’re invincible, freak accidents, and bad weather.

The accident is bad enough. Your insurance premiums may go up. You’ll probably have a driver and truck out of commission for a while. A delivery will be delayed and customers won’t be happy. Now, throw in a litigation-happy “victim” who was fine the day of but a week later claims major medical injuries and decides that you and your company need to pay them. A few million (or more) dollars later, you might be out of business.

What you need is something to help you record the facts of the accident - like the fact that the other driver said they were fine or that the accident was their fault. Your insurance company needs pictures ASAP. You need to know what’s going on.

Gorilla Safety has you covered with the Accident Investigation feature.

Here’s what this tool will do for you

  • Once your driver makes sure everyone is safe and no one needs an ambulance, they can open up their Gorilla Safety app and begin gathering information.
  • Take pictures of the truck, the other vehicle, any damage, and the roadway - especially if the problem was ice, snow, or a blocked sign.
  • Talk to the other driver and get their information. This should be, at minimum, their name, contact information, and insurance info.
  • If the other driver makes a statement about what happened, especially if they admit to fault, your driver can record exactly what they’re saying through the app. This is really helpful when they say, “I’m fine” that day and a week later claim a major injury that you have to pay for.
  • Any eyewitness information should be recorded too. Ideally, they’ll share a statement and their contact information.

After your driver gets as much information as possible, they can share it with you through the Gorilla Safety app.

While you’re on the phone with the insurance company, you’ll already have what they need to deal with the claim. Even better, when someone’s memory gets fuzzy later, you’ll have the evidence from the day of the accident.

No more too-large settlements or false claims of injury after the fact. Plus, your insurance claim will be handled faster without your premiums going through the roof later.

Still not sure you’ll ever need this feature? Check this out.

In the commercial trucking world, accidents happen - a lot. It’s a given that one or most of your drivers will be involved in a crash at some point. Let’s look at the facts from 2015*:


large trucks were involved
in fatal crashes


large trucks were involved
in injury crashes


large trucks were involved in
crashes with property damage

*Source: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts 2015

Not all of these crashes are the fault of the truck driver, but you know who’s going to pay when they happen. You and your company, especially if you don’t have an accident procedure in place and the other driver changes their story or hires an attorney who sees nothing but dollar signs.

Get the Gorilla Safety app and give your drivers the tools they need to help you and the company when an accident happens.