a very tired trucker

Why Are Truckers So Tired?

When an accident happens involving a trucker, fatigue is often one of the reasons listed. The 2014 accident involving Tracy Morgan made national headlines, but it’s not an uncommon story. Unfortunately, a lot of truckers are tired. The question that people don’t always ask is, “Why?” Time Spent Behind the Wheel The 14 hour drive[…]

a gavel representing the ELD mandate ruling

ELD Mandate Upheld by Courts

If you’ve been waiting for a final ruling on whether the ELD Mandate governing the requirement for electronic logging devices (ELDs) would be upheld by the U.S legal system or not, your wait is over. On October 31, the United States Court of Appeals ruled against the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) and unanimously agreed[…]

fuel pump

How to Reduce Your Fleet’s Carbon Footprint

In August 2016, the Obama administration unveiled new emission standards for tractor-trailer trucks over the next 10 years – a 25 percent reduction in carbon emissions. Big trucks account for only five percent of traffic on U.S. roads but contribute 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. While it sounds like a lofty goal, the savings[…]