truck drivers subject to the Mexico's new HOS rules

Reglas de horas de servicio llegan a México

Los camioneros estadounidenses no son los únicos conductores que deben enfrentar cambios en las reglas y nuevas formas de operar en sus negocios. Los camioneros mexicanos enfrentan los mismos cambios con las nuevas regulaciones para hacer sus carreteras más seguras. Las nuevas reglas con respecto a las horas de servicio (HOS) y el tiempo de[…]

a vintage gas pump representing the increased fuel costs that the transportation industry is facing

Staying Profitable Despite Rising Fuel Costs

Crude oil prices are on the rise, which means gas prices will likely follow. In fact, they already have. Over the past several months, fuel costs have inched up more and more. Storms in the Gulf, issues surrounding both supply and demand, government regulations, and unrest in oil-producing countries have all contributed to the increase.[…]

a fleet managing unidentified drive time

How to Manage Unidentified Drive Time

One unforeseen consequence of the ELD mandate is the new phenomenon of “unidentified drive time.” An ELD is required to log every mile a truck is driven, even if a driver isn’t assigned to it. This means there are blocks of times in any given day that don’t have a driver assigned. It occurs when[…]