New Dash Cam Gives You the Perfect View

a truck driver in need of a dash cam

Gorilla Safety is proud to introduce the RoadRunner Cam, a new single dash cam designed to make managing your fleet easier than ever.  From monitoring driver behavior to having proof that your driver wasn’t at fault in an accident, this single camera dash cam system gives you the perfect view of what’s going on in your fleet.

What Makes RoadRunner Cam Unique

What makes this dash camera different from all the others you’ve installed before? This is a single camera with a 360 degree view. Place it at the bottom center of a truck’s windshield, and the camera can see both the road and inside the cab. No more checking different camera views or only seeing half of what’s going on.

Once installed, you can:

  • Watch live camera action
  • Download video from any event
  • View location of your fleet in real time

 In the future, the RoadRunner Cam will integrate fully with the Gorilla Safety system, but you don’t need the integration to put this dash cam to good use right now.

How RoadRunner Cam Can Help You Manage Your Fleet

Having access to a real-time view of both the road and a driver’s cab is invaluable for any fleet manager. You’ll have information at your fingertips to make your job easier in multiple ways. 

Monitor Driver Activity

Whether you’ve got a brand new driver on the road or questions about the wear and tear on a truck, our single dash cam gives you access to information you can use. You’ll be able to see for yourself if your drivers are braking hard, making sharp turns, or accelerating too sharply. Importantly, you’ll be able to see why it’s happening too.

Deal with Delays

In the interest of safety, your drivers can’t always call you to let you know about adverse road conditions as they’re happening: icy roads, heavy snow, torrential downpours, or just bad traffic. With a quick peek at the camera system, you can see it for yourself. You’ll be able to communicate with your shippers and monitor the safety of your driver with real-time information. 

Handle Accident Claims

It’s all too easy for a passenger vehicle driver to blame your driver after an accident. With almost no proof and few (if any) witnesses, you can wind up on the wrong end of a liability lawsuit. RoadRunner Cam doesn’t just record what happens in an accident. You can download and send that information to your insurance adjuster and/or lawyer to show what really happened to cause the accident.

Tired of using multiple cameras and checking multiple views to see what’s happening out on the road with your drivers? Never installed a dash cam because you thought it would be too complicated and not give you enough information to make it worth the effort? The RoadRunner Cam  makes monitoring driver behavior and road conditions easier than ever while putting necessary information right at your fingertips.

Ready to add the RoadRunner Cam dash cam to your fleet? Sign up, today.