a static filled screen representing an ELD outage

How to Avoid an ELD Outage

You’ve used technology long enough to know that outages happen. Cell towers go down in storms. Your internet won’t connect on a laptop. Things happen. But when your equipment is what keeps your business moving (and legally compliant!), outages must be rare and long outages are unacceptable. Outages Happen, But They Shouldn’t Be Common At[…]

A truck belonging to a safe driver that uses an ELD

ELDs Lead to Better Rested, More Alert, and Safer Drivers

Time is money, but too much time, especially behind the wheel, leads to fatigue and accidents. The good news is that electronic logging devices (ELDs) lead to drivers who get more rest which leads to fewer accidents. Anecdotal Evidence The hard data isn’t available yet on the effectiveness of ELDs, but many in the industry[…]

a fleet using a driver scorecard

Using Driver Scorecards to Improve Your Fleet’s Performance

Name one improvement you’d like to make in your fleet’s performance this year. Is it reduced violations? Lower fuel costs? Fewer equipment replacements? Fewer accidents? Better delivery times? For most fleets, the answer is all of the above. The first place to start is to know how your drivers perform behind the wheel. This is[…]

spreadsheet showing the rise of insurance costs for fleets

Rising Insurance Costs: What Can You Do?

Insurance premiums could increase as much as 20 to 25 percent in 2020, thanks in large part to the extremely high awards being determined by juries against carriers and fleets. With insurance rates on the rise, what can you do? Preparing for Insurance Rate Increases Insurance companies that service the trucking industry have been running[…]

a truck driver gearing up for a tough 2020

Gearing Up for a Tough Year

During an economics session at CCJ‘s Solutions Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona recently, ACT Research President Kenny Vieth shared his projections on what the trucking industry can expect in 2020. In short, it’s going to be tough. As with all things related to the economy, there are opportunities and bright spots, but fleets that aren’t efficient[…]

flex eld

Watch Us Flex

You’ve heard all the amazing and exciting news about fleet management systems with accident reporting, document storage, and maintenance requests. It sounds nice, but you’re a single owner-operator or maybe the owner of a few trucks. You don’t need all those bells and whistles. More importantly, your budget doesn’t have room for all those bells[…]

canadian flag representing the canadian ELD

Canadian ELDs and Third Party Certification Requirements

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the big news. Canada recently announced it’s own ELD mandate that will go into effect in June 2021. It is very similar to the American version but with at least one key difference. ELDs will need to go through a third party certification process in order for Canadian drivers and[…]

a fleet manager who just transitioned his fleet away from AOBRDs to an ELD

Fleets Flock to ELDs for Compliance and Added Functionality

Carriers and fleets across the country are beating the December 16 deadline to phase out AOBRDs in favor of electronic logging devices (ELDs). Doing so well in advance of the deadline gives these carriers an advantage over their non-complying competitors and improves fleet functionality. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here’s what you need[…]

Marijuana Legalization Negatively Impacting Driver Shortage

The trucking industry has faced a growing driver shortage in the past several years and decades. Marijuana legalization, for recreational or medicinal use, has only made the problem worse. Drug Testing All drivers face a drug test before being hired but many carriers are voluntarily opting to include a hair test as part of the[…]

a man wondering about California contractor law

How California’s Contractor Law Could Impact the Trucking Industry

California lawmakers recently voted to overhaul their independent contractor rules and regulations. Not only does this have major ramifications for the state but the country as a whole. The trucking industry will absolutely be impacted if the bill is signed into law. A.B. 5 pushes businesses, regardless of industry, to classify more independent contractors they[…]

Gorilla Safety Unveils First and Only Fully Integrated Fleet and Safety Management Solution in Mexico Fully Integrated Fleet and Safety Management Solution in Mexico

Patented Cloud-based Fleet and Safety Solution to Address New Hours of Service Rules Throughout Mexico HOUSTON– Gorilla Safety, a provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented Fleet Management software solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety management, announced today the public availability of its mobile application and web-based dashboard in Mexico. Gorilla Safety[…]


Oil and Gas Customization Provides Flexibility needed to Operate Specialized Equipment HOUSTON – October 9, 2018 – Gorilla Safety, provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented software solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety management, announced today the release of its new Oil and Gas Product, catering to specific needs of fleet operations[…]

truck drivers subject to the Mexico's new HOS rules

Reglas de horas de servicio llegan a México

Los camioneros estadounidenses no son los únicos conductores que deben enfrentar cambios en las reglas y nuevas formas de operar en sus negocios. Los camioneros mexicanos enfrentan los mismos cambios con las nuevas regulaciones para hacer sus carreteras más seguras. Las nuevas reglas con respecto a las horas de servicio (HOS) y el tiempo de[…]

a vintage gas pump representing the increased fuel costs that the transportation industry is facing

Staying Profitable Despite Rising Fuel Costs

Crude oil prices are on the rise, which means gas prices will likely follow. In fact, they already have. Over the past several months, fuel costs have inched up more and more. Storms in the Gulf, issues surrounding both supply and demand, government regulations, and unrest in oil-producing countries have all contributed to the increase.[…]

a fleet managing unidentified drive time

How to Manage Unidentified Drive Time

One unforeseen consequence of the ELD mandate is the new phenomenon of “unidentified drive time.” An ELD is required to log every mile a truck is driven, even if a driver isn’t assigned to it. This means there are blocks of times in any given day that don’t have a driver assigned. It occurs when[…]