Gorilla Safety is a world class innovative solution designed to improve fleet efficiencies, risk management procedures and compliance. Our system has many features and tools unique to the transportation business with several of them being protected by intellectual property rights.

A few of the innovations we have under Patent Protection are:

  1. Closed loop inspection process which is inclusive of both the driver and the mechanic. In this solution, we are bringing life to the old process of paper logs assuring nothing is ever lost and overlaying that with accountability from both the driver and the mechanic.
  2. Complete accident investigation process performed by the driver, alerting the terminal or fleet manager and sending the report to the right people. This process is designed specifically to reduce or even eliminate IBNR for insurance companies and insurance premiums for the insured.
  3. Gorilla Safety has patent protection for and is developing tools to eliminate texting and driving in a tractor-trailer. Industry concerns grow over safety of the roadways each and every day. This is where our technology is being developed through the expertise of our R&D team. Our innovative tool is designed to eliminate texting and driving, change behaviors of the drivers and improve safety for every driver on the road.
  4. The FMCSA requires certain documentation to be kept by the driver in order to corroborate the logbooks the driver keeps. Gorilla Safety has developed the only electronic system allowing for this feature to be completed by a mobile app. This innovative solution and process currently has a patent pending.
  5. Accident predictability is highly important to safety and continuity for fleet operations and Gorilla Safety is at the forefront of predicting accidents and measuring specific driver and fleet behavior that elevates accident risk. This tool can be utilized by insurance carriers and fleet operators to identify opportunities for improvement.
  6. Smart Routing post accident procedures are key to a quick recovery for the fleet, insurance carriers and all stakeholders. Gorilla Safety has developed systems and methods that not only tell a tow truck where to pick up a vehicle but provide full guidance of every aspect of recovery, post-accident. This series of systems and methods allow the fleet, insurance carrier and every other stakeholder to not only properly track the process but guide it, on an automatic basis, based on the particular set of circumstances surrounding any given incident.