In today’s world, there’s an alert for everything.

Your phone tells you when it’s time to wake up and where you’ve got to be every moment of every day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have the same convenience when it comes to managing your fleet?

The Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System has you covered.

Instead of writing reminders down on scrap pieces of paper, you can get a notification to your phone. Instead of being caught off guard by a roadside inspection, an alert can tell you it’s time to bring a truck in. Even better, you’ll have a record of the work being done later when you need it.

Instead of telling yourself to remember to get a signature from a driver, a reminder can do it for you. No more chasing down drivers who are hundreds of miles away or stalling for time while you wait for a signature.

That’s the beauty of the Gorilla Safety app’s alert system.

Stay informed and be alerted, but only when you need to be.

In today’s transportation business, you have to know what’s going on.

Is your fleet doing well or not? Are the drivers doing what they’re supposed to do? Is everyone in compliance?

You also have to remember too many deadlines to count.

Fines from violations are expensive but losing a client costs more.

How can you stay in control?

With Gorilla Safety, will receive alerts for simple things like a DVIR not being signed before driving to more complicated things like telling you a driver has just been in an accident with injuries and notifying you if your mechanic didn’t repair a vehicle on-time.

Fleet Manager and Administrative alerts are a key component of the Gorilla Safety platform. With this system, the fleet manager will receive alerts if a driver is no longer compliant with his logbooks or DVIRs or and if he gets into an accident, you will know how severe it is. Through the document management solution you will also be reminded to update anything with an expiration date, such as MVR’s or medical cards. It can be used for permits or registrations, too. Keeping up with administration has never been so easy.

The Driver and Mechanic alerts are, often times, the most used feature. For example, if the driver is in violation of his drive time, you will know about it. If he gets into an accident with an injury, you will know about it. In the past, you would never know if a vehicle was being operated with an unrepaired safety defect - now you will. It’s time to take advantage of solutions like this to increase efficiencies, improve profits, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Knowing these things is the key to running your business. The Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System lets you manage your business so it doesn’t manage you.

Get on top of the important details before you’re buried under forgotten paperwork, missed inspections, fees, and fewer clients. Alerts keep you organized, reduce your stress, and save you money.