eDVIR & Mechanic Inspections

What’s the one surprise you really don’t want when your driver is on the road? An inspection that turns up simple, ridiculous, and expensive violations. You’re out money after you pay the fine. You’re driver loses time on the road. Even worse, you might just lose a customer.

Worst of all, none of it had to happen. Violations are preventable, and you and your drivers know it.

Violations found during a roadside inspection can turn your business upside down. Drivers aren’t dropping loads. They aren’t heading out to the next pick-up. You could be fined thousands of dollars for non-compliance. Your truck could be taken off the road for weeks or months, not earning a dime.

There are over 200 separate violations and many have a rating of five points or higher. When those add up, companies don’t want to do business with you because they don’t think you’re safe or reliable.

Take a look the top five most common vehicle maintenance inspection violations:

  1. Non-working headlamps, tail lamps, and turn signals
  2. Retro-reflective and projection lighting that’s falling apart, not working, or hard to see
  3. Inaccurate DVIR reports - the inspector finds a defect but it’s not noted on the DVIR
  4. Tire tread depth less than 2/32 inch
  5. Oil or grease leaks

None of these issues should be what kills your safety rating or takes a truck off the road. It only adds insult to injury when such a small thing costs you thousands of dollars in fees or lost business.

All of these issues are easily caught and fixed when your driver and your mechanic have an easy way to communicate. Your driver sees a problem and reports it. Your mechanic fixes it and makes a note of it. Simple.

The eDVIR and Mechanic Inspections in the Gorilla Safety app makes it easy for everyone, including maintaining good records for later inspections.

It's imperative to keep track of the repair so you and your drivers can focus on making on-time deliveries.

  • When a driver sees something that needs to be repaired, they use the eDVIR to notify the mechanic automatically.
  • Once the mechanic receives the notice, they can review the truck and decide if repairs are needed.
  • It’s easy for your driver and mechanic to communicate, schedule the repair, and get it taken care of with less hassle. After the truck is repaired, the driver is notified, signs off on the repair and gets on his way.

The work is done. Everything’s recorded properly. You, your driver, and your mechanic have a record of it all. Inspections move faster, drivers get more miles under them, and your business keeps moving along. And that’s really what it’s all about.