The 90 Day Waiver for Agriculture Drivers and Why You Shouldn’t Wait

a truck taking advantage of the 90 day agriculture waiver

While the ELD mandate compliance date goes into effect for the majority of drivers on December 18, 2017, agriculture drivers have been given a temporary reprieve recently in the form of a 90-day waiver. While it may sound good to some, a good ELD and fleet management system does so much that it really doesn’t make sense to wait.

About the 90 Day Waiver

The Department of Transportation (DOT) granted a 90-day waiver for agriculture drivers in response to a petition from the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) and other agricultural groups. Drivers who haul agricultural commodities or livestock get an extra 90 days after the December 18 deadline for the ELD mandate.

Agricultural groups are asking the DOT and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to further study the impact of ELD implementation on agriculture drivers and that part of the industry. The groups are requesting an exemption for up to five years. While there’s no indication yet if this request will be granted, it won’t stop the switch to an ELD, only delay it.

The Benefits of Switching Over Now

For agriculture drivers who hadn’t implemented an ELD system, hoping for a reprieve, this might be the perfect time to find yourself an ELD and begin to adjust to a new system. High quality systems that allow flexibility and can fit to your business needs, like the Gorilla Safety app, do so much more than log miles.

By helping you manage your fleet more efficiently, the benefits to your bottomline far outweigh any temporary annoyance or stress while learning a new system. Here’s what we mean:

ELD: With an electronic logging device (ELD), your drivers will have more accurate logbooks and no more paper to deal with. Everyone saves time as drivers don’t have to remember to complete their logbook and you don’t have to track down the information later.

eDVIR and Mechanic Inspections: Reporting small (and big) problems with a truck is made easy with the eDVIR function. Your driver inputs the information and you or your mechanics are notified. Your mechanic can decide if it’s a problem that needs to be fixed immediately or not. Once repairs are made, it’s marked as complete in the app, and your driver signs off that it’s done. You’ve got a complete record at your fingertips and the entire process is easier.

Fewer Violations: Using the eDVIR and Mechanic Inspections system doesn’t just streamline your maintenance. Keeping your trucks free of problems means fewer violations to be found in roadside and other inspections. Your safety rating stays high and your fines stay low. It all goes directly to your bottomline.

Improved Fuel Efficiency: Using less fuel is good for a lot of reasons but the one that matters most is reducing your costs. Through the Gorilla Safety app, you’ll get reports about braking, idling, and other driving habits. You and your drivers will have access to GPS that can help re-route to keep everything moving forward. All of that information adds up to less money spent on fuel.

Accident Investigation: Instead of waiting for your driver to give you what you need from an accident, they can send it all through the app. You’ll get everything you need for insurance and have an immediate record of what happened – including notes your driver makes, statements from witnesses, and pictures.

The right ELD system doesn’t just log miles and keep you compliant. Systems like Gorilla Safety app help you manage your entire business. Over the long-term, efficiency goes up and costs go down.

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