Top Apps for Truckers

an iphone filled with apps for truckers to use while on the road.

A 2013 survey of truck drivers showed that almost 80% use a smartphone and more than 90% download apps to their phone. There’s no doubt that number has grown over the last few years. Even though we use our phones for personal things like email, texting our family, and playing games while we’re in waiting rooms, it’s also something we use to increase productivity.

Make your life a little easier and consider using some of these apps specifically designed for truckers. You’ll be more connected and much more efficient while you’re out on the road.

Truck Stops Pro

You have to love an app created by someone who understands what you do. Truck Stops Pro was created by a professional trucker who understands what it’s like out on the road. Instead of waiting for the next billboard or sign to let you know a truck stop is near, you can use this app and always know just how many miles you have until you can stop for a break or for the night. Available for Android and iOS.


iExit is the Interstate Exit Guide. Instead of trying to read the signs on the side of the road, you can use this app to let you know what businesses, restaurants, and amenities are at upcoming exits. When you’re craving something in particular or you wonder what’s around on a new route, this app will clue you in. Available for Android and iOS.

FleetSafer Mobile

The biggest danger to almost anyone on the road is a distracted driver. Our biggest distraction these days is our phone. The FleetSafer Mobile app allows you to block email and texts while you’re driving. When someone sends you a message, they’ll receive an auto-response that says, “I’m driving.” You’ll be able to get to them later when it’s safer.


Want to talk to your family but would prefer to see their face when you do it? Skype is an app that lets you text message, voice call, and video chat with your friends and family. You can talk to people on their phone or their computer or laptop making it easier than ever to connect. Available for Android and iOS


Fuelbook is a fuel price locator so you can find the fuel you need at the best price. The app is updated six times a day so you don’t have to worry about relying on outdated information. You’ll also see lists of truck stop services and open parking statuses. Available for Android and iOS.

Gorilla Safety

An all-in-one fleet management system, Gorilla Safety, is an electronic log book and a place to store and access important documents. You can also use it to record information after an accident and communicate with mechanics and service departments about scheduled repairs. And yes, it’s compliant with FMCSA rules and regulations. You can run most of your trucking business right from your phone. Available for Android and iOS.

Freightliner Hauler Challenge

Not everything has to be work, work, work. How about a game to help you unwind at the end of a long day and help you practice your business skills? Freightliner Hauler Challenge is a racing game that lets you choose your favorite NASCAR driving team and a Freightliner tractor trailer in a global race. In order to win, you’re going to have to apply good business principles for running a successful trucking business. Available for Android and iOS.

Your phone has more computing power than the first shuttle that NASA sent to the moon. Make sure you harness its full potential with this list apps for truckers.

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