Fleet Insight

If you can’t see it, it didn’t happen, right? Wrong! You need to be able to see what’s going on with your feet even if you are nowhere around. Fleets are running coast to coast, border to border. You have to be able to understand when a driver is speeding, going over hours, checking his load and delivering his product. Without the insights into a fleet, you will never be able to effectively manage your operation.

This is where Gorilla Fleet Intelligence comes in. The entire product is centered around measurement and accountability to be sure your customers experience the best you can offer.

What you will be able to expect is to see when a driver is going over hours, operating a truck that hasn’t been inspected or repaired, if a driver frequently experiences harsh braking or acceleration and even if the driver is using his seatbelt. Remember, safety is a culture. If the drivers don’t wear seatbelts, they aren’t very safe.

You can now run reports on each of these things so you can track, train and retain your best drivers. If you need to improve, you can focus attention on that behavior or fleet operation.