Mechanic App

Brake it, Fix it. Give your mechanics the tool necessary to repair, track and manage the trucks in your fleet.

With this cutting edge app, your mechanics can inspect and repair every unit in your fleet including trailers, yellow iron or other equipment to be sure it’s ready to go and inspection worthy, the DOT will thank you!

The best part is you will have accountability. When a driver says there is a problem with the gear, your mechanic will be able to view a picture along with a description and go straight to fixing it.


  1. The mechanic can schedule repairs on the fly
  2. You can now upload receipts and track repair costs so you know what units are the most expensive to keep on the road
  3. Parts tracking and inventory go you down? This app lets you assign parts and automatically add the repair costs. Simple as that.
  4. Manage your PM’s with ease. You will now create a work order for the mechanic when it’s time to get the truck in for its PM.
  5. Too busy, flip the repair to another mechanic or repair shop. When it’s done, mark it as complete and you’re all set.
  6. Don’t like mobile apps, you can do it all from your computer. It’s a cinch.