A Better Managed Fleet = More On Time Deliveries = More Happy Customers

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When you think of your fleet, with all the trucks and all the drivers, do you ever feel like you’re spinning plates? Or is it more like herding cats? Between the paperwork, the regulations, and just knowing where your trucks are, there’s a lot to keep up with.

Managing a fleet can be stressful, with long hours and raised blood pressure.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With a complete fleet management system, you can have the information you need at your fingertips and have a well-run fleet that delivers on time and makes customers happy.

Using a Fleet Management System to manage your fleet will ensure that your trucks are spending time focused on deliveries and less time dealing with paperwork.

Electronic Logging Devices

Keeping track of Hours of Service (HOS) is no longer a hassle with an Electronic Logging Device like the one used with the Gorilla Safety app. Drivers log in and indicate whether they’re on duty, on duty but not driving, off duty, or in the sleeper berth. The system monitors their hours logged and alerts the driver when they’re getting close to their limit. Staying within their HOS means less fatigue and fewer accidents. It also ensures that your fleet remains compliant! Don’t forget about the 30-minute break. You need to stay in compliance with that and a good ELD will prompt you to take that break as well.


Speaking of compliance, with a full Fleet Management System, you can monitor more than the HOS. Keep track of maintenance and repairs, as well as vehicle inspections. Thanks to document management and storage, when an auditor comes calling or you really need to get your hands on a specific log or document, it’s right there at your fingertips – keeping you and your fleet out of trouble.

Repair Tracking

A truck that’s not on the road is one that’s not earning your company any money. Repair tracking can monitor the repair, from eDVIR to the mechanic. You’ll know at a glance if the parts have been ordered, and repairs can be scheduled with just a few clicks of a button. Drivers will be able to sign off that the repairs are complete, and because record keeping is so important, the repair will be recorded, logged, and kept on file for when you need it.


Has this truck had preventative maintenance? Did the mechanic do his inspection? What about DOT inspections? Don’t rifle through a bunch of papers or risk losing important reports. With a good management system, you’ll know if inspections have been done properly, and you’ll have a record to prove it.

GPS Tracking

The number one question you get from customers and clients is, “When will my delivery arrive?” With GPS tracking integrated into the Gorilla Safety system, you’ll know exactly where your trucks, trailers, and goods are at a glance. Keeping the customer happy has never been so easy.

Document Management

No one outside of the trucking industry would believe just how much paperwork you have to keep up with on a daily basis. Logs and reports are just the beginning. With the Gorilla Safety fleet management system, you can manage IFTA reports, receipts, HOS logs, and more without all of the paper. You’ll also be able to get your drivers to sign documents when needed, all through the Gorilla Safety app. Everything you need to manage the fleet and keep them compliant is in one system.

Ready to make the switch from paperwork that bogs you down and slows down business to the ultimate in Fleet Management Systems that allows you to run your fleet with the help of compliant technology so you can have more productive drivers and happier customers? Contact Gorilla Safety today.

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