Average Cost of ELDs

average cost of ELDs

Because they’re regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), electronic logging devices (ELDs) must meet specific requirements, especially if owner-operators and fleets want to be in compliance by December 2017 and December 2019. Every ELD must be able to do specific things and the benefits of an ELD are compelling.

However, when you compare the basic ELD with the Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System, you’ll find you can make your budget stretch farther and save more money overall.

The Average ELD

Twenty years ago, when ELDs first hit the market, a single device could cost $2,500. Larger companies made the investment and realized the cost-savings almost immediately. Over time, the cost has come down, and ELDs range in price from $165 to $832 on average. Whether you pay the average amount or not, every ELD must meet certain requirements:

  • Connect to the truck’s engine to record when the truck is in motion
  • Give the driver the ability to select On-Duty, Off-Duty, or On-Duty Not Driving modes
  • Graphically display a Record of Duty Status (RODS) so it’s easy for drivers and law enforcement to see and understand at a glance
  • Have ability to transfer data and information easily through USB or other wireless methods

Because every ELD must meet these requirements, they all have the ability, to some degree, to save a company money.

  • Reduce fuel costs
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Increase driver communication
  • Identify bad driving behaviors: idling, speeding, hard braking

Moving Beyond the Average

If all ELDs must function in the same way and decent products will give similar results, how do you choose the right ELD for your trucks? You need to look beyond the average.

For less than the average cost of today’s ELD systems, the Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System provides all of the benefits of an ELD plus much more.

  • Accident Investigation: This allows your drivers to collect information like photos, statements, and make notes that they can send directly to you from the scene of the accident. You’ll have more accurate information that can keep a simple accident claim from turning into a multi-million dollar headache.
  • eDVIR and Mechanic Inspections: Your drivers and service crew will be able to communicate more efficiently about service needs and routine inspections. No more wasted time tracking down a driver or bringing a truck in too soon. Once the repairs are made, everyone will be able to sign off and you’ll have all the records you need.
  • Document Management: Whether it’s training manuals, safety regulations, or pre-departure checklists, there are plenty of documents that you want everyone to have at their fingertips. Instead of printing out copies that will get lost or destroyed, the Gorilla Safety system gives you a way to store and share documents.
  • Alerts and Reminders: Tired of trying to keep up with which truck needs to be repaired and whether it’s been done or not? Alerts and reminders can be set up to automatically notify you if there’s a repair still waiting to be done, if your driver forgot to sign off on something, or anything else you need to remember or follow up on.

Everyone, eventually, will have an ELD system. What you need, for the same (or less) money, is an entire system that helps you manage your fleet, run your business, and make more money. The Gorilla Safety Fleet Management System can do all of that and more. Request a free demo, today.

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