Document Management: Fleet Managements Unsung Hero

a stack of papers in need of a document management solution for fleets

As a fleet manager, where does the majority of your day go? If you immediately envision a mountain of paperwork, missing documents, and going back and forth with a driver who swears they gave you a receipt, you’re not alone. For too many fleet managers, paperwork takes up a lot of time, attention, and energy. 

What you need is a document management system.

The Paperwork

Think about your office and filing cabinets. What paperwork is sitting in a stack, waiting to be signed off, sent to someone else, or filed?

  • Invoices
  • Estimates and quotes
  • Fuel receipts
  • Maintenance and repair orders
  • Accident tickets and supporting documents
  • Safety and training manuals
  • Pre-trip checklists

And how many trucks and drivers are in your fleet? Even a mid-level company may handle thousands of documents in a single month. It’s the 21st century and trucks are starting to drive themselves. Surely there’s a better way than dealing with all this paperwork?

What a Document Management System Can Do

By now you’ve noticed that other industries are nearly paperless. Why does it seem like the trucking industry is lagging behind? Because not everyone knows what a document management system can do for them.

Manage all documents. In a digital system, there’s no need to make copies of forms. Receipts and other paperwork can be scanned in so you can ditch the filing cabinet. Forms can be emailed and filled out online. Paperwork that you send out regularly can exist as a single document without the need for dozens of copies to be made.

Reduce document loss and damage. If you’ve ever spilled a cup of coffee on an important form, you know the struggle. Imagine something bigger though — a fire in the office. What would you do if all your records were destroyed? Document management allows your important records to exist virtually and prevent unnecessary losses.

Lower your overhead costs. Think about the costs of your paperwork: printer ink, paper, postage, filing cabinets. Now think about the payroll costs of designating staff time to handle all that paperwork. With a digital storage system, literal hours are freed up for more productive work. 

Access documents easily. Anyone who’s ever rifled through a stack of papers looking for a form understands the aggravation. By storing documents digitally, you never have to rummage again. With a quick search or by going to a specific folder, you can put your “hands” on any form or manual you need.

Make decisions faster. Document management systems streamline your entire business. Getting repairs approved and updating driver information is quicker and easier. Disputing a charge, confirming compliance with HOS, and sending information to your insurance company after an accident — it all happen faster because the information you need is a keystroke away. 

Gorilla Safety’s Document Management

As part of the Gorilla Safety fleet management system, document management plays a large role. We understand that your fleet gains efficiency and cuts costs when you’re organized and your documents are at your fingertips. Our system offers four key components to help you manage your fleet: 

  • Driver qualification files and supporting documents
  • Truck files including registration, cab cards, repair history, and more
  • Company files such as IFTA reports, loss runs, and permits
  • ELD supporting documents needed to keep up with all of your daily documents for your ELD

Ready to bring your fleet management into the 21st century and climb out from under a mountain of paperwork? Contact Gorilla Safety today!