Are You Doing Enough to Track Your Yellow Iron?

a piece of yellow iron that needs to be tracked

The equipment and heavy machinery your company uses is just as important as the trucks in your fleet. Yellow iron keeps your business moving forward. If you’re not tracking it, you’re missing out on important information and cost-saving measures.

Maintenance and Repairs

Just as you schedule oil changes, brake checks, and other maintenance for your big trucks, the heavy machinery and equipment you use also needs regular service to keep running. How do you keep up with that? Is it written on a piece of paper hidden beneath a stack of files on the corner of your desk? Do you send yourself an email reminder only to lose it in your overflowing inbox? 

Maybe maintenance gets done — eventually. What about the repairs that crop up, often when you least expect it? How do you track the cost? Do your drivers know when they’ll get their equipment back? Not only are late and delayed maintenance and repairs time-consuming, they’re expensive, too. The longer you wait to deal with a problem, the bigger the problem becomes.

Tracking Your Yellow Iron

Do you know exactly where each piece of equipment is right now? Any idea how long it’s been on a single job site? If you ever find yourself scrambling to get a backhoe or forklift from one job site to another, you know the frustration. Getting jobs done takes extra time and expense that’s unnecessary. 

Have you ever had a dispute with a customer who swore your guys weren’t on site for the time you billed them for? Did they claim you missed a deadline, arrived late, left early, or just weren’t there? Proving that to a customer’s satisfaction might not always seem worth the hassle, but not having the information at your fingertips costs your business in the long run. 

Gorilla Safety’s Advanced GPS

Save yourself time, money, and stress and take advantage of Gorilla Safety’s Advanced GPS capabilities. The power of our telematics and mobile interface keeps you informed, on track, and in the black.

  • Track your equipment no matter where it is.
  • Bill for usage based on location.
  • Know exactly how many days equipment was on a site.

The battery back-up in the GPS trackers means it keeps working no matter what happens. From your web browser or smartphone, you’ll know exactly where your yellow iron is and what’s going on with it.  

Stay Current with Maintenance and Repairs

The Gorilla Safety fleet management system makes it easy to schedule repairs, keep drivers and mechanics in communication, and know exactly what needs to be done when. You can set up alerts, have important documents (like new regulations) at your fingertips, and know what’s going on with your yellow iron at a quick glance. No more scribbled notes, lost emails, or confusing spreadsheets.

Ready to track your yellow iron, keep it in good repair, and make more money? Get started, today!