Getting the Most Out of Your ELD

a driver getting the most of his ELD

The electronic logging device (ELD) in your trucks keep you compliant and out of trouble with the FMCSA. It probably wasn’t as big of a hassle as you originally feared when the mandate first came out. But if all you’re using your ELD for is to stay compliant, you may be missing out on big benefits for yourself and/or your fleet. 

GPS Function

The GPS function in an ELD offers a lot of benefits beyond tracking the miles driven and the hours logged. From rerouting to monitoring driver behavior, you get plenty of good information.

  • With better routing, a truck can save two miles per day. Multiply that out by the size of your fleet, and it adds up quickly. This can save you as much as $8 in fuel per day across your entire fleet.
  • Allowing shippers to track their shipment saves you fewer check calls with your drivers. It also gives shippers a reason to work with you, as they have information at their fingertips.
  • Idle time can be reduced by 10 minutes per day (per driver) with more efficient routes and schedules which allows a driver to drive an extra 238 miles per month.

Showcase Your Business

Want to give shippers or brokers reasons to work with you? Use the information available through your ELD.

  • Show off your best drivers and how efficient they are on the road
  • Showcase your safety record and lack of violations
  • Share efficiencies (like lower idle time, better mileage, more direct routing) you can make with your ELD.

All of these things make you as attractive as possible to companies who need your trucks and drivers. Don’t let that information go to waste — use it to build your business!

Payouts and Incentives

Whether you’re an owner/operator with a few trucks or a large fleet with hundreds of drivers, you know how hard it can be to find and keep good people behind the wheel. Money is a big incentive for new and experienced drivers, and your ELD has information that can help you with payouts and incentives.

  • Use the data on the ELD to manage faster payouts based on actual mileage driven and the trip duration.
  • Incentivize good driving behaviors — reduced idle time, less hard braking, and fuel efficiencies
  • Adjust pay faster as you check hours, activity, and efficiencies in real time.
  • Offer a performance based rewards system for reductions in HOS violations, safety violations, and fuel consumption.

In the end, you’ll have better drivers and better delivery times as well as happier shippers and brokers. Everyone wins and your company thrives and prospers.

Looking for an ELD that can help you do this and more? Gorilla Safety offers an affordable, easy-to-use, simple-to-install electronic logging device that can grow as your business grows. Contact us today to learn more!