Gorilla Safety Offers Asset Tracking For ANY Business With Advanced GPS

Ever feel like you can’t find your trucks or trailers? Tired of not knowing what’s going on around your business? You can’t leave yourself in the position of not knowing where your $160,000 truck and $75,000 trailer are.

Gorilla Safety has you covered. With Advanced GPS Tracking, you know where your company’s assets are at any given point in time. Not only can you track the location of your vehicles and trailers but you can also gain key insights to your fuel consumption, vehicle speed and driver behavior.

Asset Tracking For ANY Business

Gorilla Safety's Manager Dashboard

Advanced GPS Tracking allows you to track your trucks, trailers, yellow iron equipment and more all from Gorilla Safety’s Manager dashboard. Gorilla Safety’s Advanced GPS offers real-time asset tracking, user and vehicle management tools and monitors advanced telematics like driver behavior, hard accelerations, hard decelerations and harsh turning. Real-time means that you know where your company’s assets are every minute of the day.

Keeping track of your yellow iron equipment is easier than ever. With the battery backup in the GPS trackers, you will be able to track where the equipment goes, even if it’s hauled off from a job site on a trailer.

You can drastically reduce losses due to theft by securing the location of your equipment with GPS tracking.

While misplacing a trackhoe might not be likely, being able to properly bill for the usage based on location and proving that up to a customer might be important. Knowing how many days it’s on site gives you the insight to better understand your business and expenses while improving the customer experience you are providing to your clients.

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Benefits of Advanced GPS Tracking

  • Successfully track your company’s assets.
  • Reduce losses due to theft.
  • Not only track your assets but also monitor advanced telematics like fuel consumption, speed, driver behavior and even seatbelts.
  • Monitor your assets from ANYWHERE with an online portal that can be accessed anywhere you have internet whether that is on your computer, phone or tablet.
  • By monitoring driver behavior you can possibly get lower insurance scores for good driving.
  • GPS holds drivers accountable and focused. Drive time is lessened and driver’s navigate responsibly which leads to less accidents.
  • Company’s providing vehicles to their employees are able to monitor the location of their assets and assure that employees are not taking advantage.

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