Company Consistently Upgrades Award-Winning Solution to Remain on Cutting-Edge of Meeting Changing Fleet Landscape and ELD Mandate Requirements

HOUSTON … June 14, 2018 … Gorilla Safety, provider of an innovative, proprietary and patented software solution that fully automates all aspects of fleet and safety management, announced today the release of a new Enterprise Bundle designed to meet the distinct and complex needs of various fleet operations.

Since the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, has come and gone, many fleet operators have voiced concern that standard products are incapable of meeting the needs of their businesses. With this in mind, Gorilla Safety developed and is introducing a set of tools large fleets and enterprises can use to leverage the technology innovations available to them, the drivers and mechanics. These advanced tools will prove advantageous in driver retention, efficiencies and safety.

Gorilla Safety’s new Enterprise package will offer larger fleets several new features, enhancing and streamlining their operations, including:

  • Dynamic Daily Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR): With this tool, fleets can customize the equipment inspection requirements enabling the ability to more closely track what’s most important to their specific operations. This is critical for fleets with specialized equipment.
  • Dynamic Log View: With the Dynamic Logbook, users can easily manage all aspects of the logbook, including violations and history. This easy-to-use interface allows for large fleets to manage drivers and violations for both large groups or small divisions or terminals.
  • Advanced Driver Tools: Drivers have two additional functionalities commonly required in large fleets with varying operations. First, Enterprise will notify drivers to perform checks for securing loads after the first 50 miles as well as once each subsequent 150 miles have been driven. Once the driver confirms, the alert will disappear. Secondly, Gorilla Safety’s Enterprise product offers the ability to correct drive time to either Personal Conveyance or Yard Moves, a noteworthy feature as most errors in drive time on logs result from errors with these notations.
  • Advanced Management Tools: Gorilla Safety, with the help of its partners, developed an easy-to-use interface allowing for the assignment and edification of unidentified driving time with ease and in bulk. Enterprise also adds Flexible Permissions to allow large fleets to better manage locations, data access and vehicle allocations with four tiers of hierarchy. Along with the Dynamic DVIR, Enterprise provides DVIR Management solutions, enabling a fleet manager to see defect details, in case the driver begins driving while the vehicle is Out Of Service (OOS).

Enterprise is available as an add-on to any current Gorilla Safety products. It can be purchased by calling 844-636-1360.

“Gorilla Safety remains on the cusp of bringing the latest in technology advancements and pioneering solutions to our growing and diverse base of fleet customers. We help them perform their jobs more safely and simply each and every day. We are constantly striving to enhance our award-winning solution to better meet fleets’ evolving needs. In the midst of recent, dramatic changes within our industry due to the ELD mandate, we know fleets and drivers are always seeking solutions that directly address their requirements and challenges. We have become adept at knowing what fleets need and when, and continue to work to bring them features that help them better manage their business, improve productivity, increase profitability and lower insurance claims and premiums – all of which can be done quickly and simply from the palm of their hands using their mobile devices,” said Mark Walton, co-founder and chief executive officer at Gorilla Safety.

“Our new Enterprise option aids larger fleets in having greater and improved oversight of their fleets while affording them the opportunity to better manage their drivers and operations. As the ELD mandate continues to shape the future of fleet management and safety, Gorilla Safety will advance too, ensuring we bring fleets all the tools necessary for achieving exceptional fleet performance in an affordable, easy-to-use platform that offers flexibility for any size fleet,” added Tommy Johnson, co-founder and president at Gorilla Safety.

In the coming months, Gorilla Safety will also be introducing new features geared toward specific industries as well as specialties aimed at fleets of varying size.

About Gorilla Safety

Launched at the onset of 2016 and founded in 2013 by two seasoned insurance industry professionals, Houston-based Gorilla Safety provides the transportation industry with a patented, affordable cloud-based software solution that automates every aspect of fleet and safety management. Gorilla Safety brings to the marketplace the first and only easy-to-use mobile app that fully integrates all the capabilities necessary for safely and efficiently managing large short-haul and long-haul vehicle fleets. The Company’s state-of-the-art solution is helping fleets more quickly and easily adapt to mandated Electronic Logging Device (ELD) regulatory requirements.

The Gorilla Safety app boasts many features that allow users to better manage their business, improve productivity, increase profitability and lower insurance claims and premiums – all done quickly and simply from the palm of their hands. For more information, visit www.gorillasafety.com, go to the Gorilla Safety Facebook page or follow the Company on Twitter @Gorilla_Safety and LinkedIn.

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