Help is Here for Struggling Fleets Strapped for Cash

a truck driver concerned about the impact that COVID-19 will have on his fleet

Times are tough right now. COVID-19 has impacted every facet of life — from home and health to your ability to work and earn a living. Small fleets have been hit harder than most, especially owner-operators. Not taking on available jobs isn’t an option, but to do it, you have to remain in compliance with your equipment and tools, especially your ELD. 

But that doesn’t mean you have to pay high prices or sacrifice features. If you’re looking for a way to cut costs, Gorilla Safety is here to help.

COVID-19 Fleet Relief Program

To stay on the road, you’ve got to use a dependable ELD, but at a time like this, there’s no reason to pay too much — or full price. For fleets impacted by the current pandemic, we want to help. 

Until 6/30/2020, we’re offering deep discounts on our ELD hardware and service.

  • Save 75% off our award-winning Prime8 ELD hardware. Pay only $50!
  • Save 50% on our monthly subscription, getting access to the Gorilla Safety system and app for only $10 per month.
  • Your first two months of service will be free, so you get a price break right up front.

And you get all of this with no contract or obligation and there are no penalties if you cancel. You’ve got nothing to lose!

Why Gorilla Safety?

You need an ELD that works and is simple to use while still being affordable for fleets at any size. You don’t have time to waste to install complicated hardware or learn a complicated system. We understand that. The Prime8 ELD is a simple plug and play piece of equipment, taking just minutes to install. The Gorilla Safety dashboard and app are simple and intuitive to use. We also offer plenty of help to make sure you and your drivers know how to use it properly.

Gorilla Safety is also designed to fit your fleet, not the other way around. When times are lean or your fleet is small, our Prime8 system fits your needs at an affordable price. As you grow, we have tools and solutions to grow with you, giving you more control and options to manage your fleet efficiently.

For an ELD you can rely on, contact Gorilla Safety today. Take advantage of our COVID Relief Program and keep your business running smoothly, efficiently, and more affordably. We’re all in this together, and Gorilla Safety is here for you.

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