How Electronic Logging Devices Can Save You Money

calculating how money an ELD saves

As of December 16, 2017, Electronic Logging Devices become mandatory for commercial trucks as part of a law passed in 2012 by Congress and based on rules and requirements outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Before you look at this change as yet another government regulation causing you and your drivers problems, it’s important to understand that electronic driver logs and logging systems can save your company money and increase efficiency.

Less Time Spent on Paperwork

If time is money, how much do you think dealing with paperwork costs? Electronic Logging Devices will keep up with your driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) and replace the paper logs that most drivers love to hate. Then there’s time you spend on paperwork every day, week, and month. With reports that can be sent to you electronically, you and your drivers will have more time to focus on what matters – the delivery.

Fewer Hours of Service Violations – More money in your pocket.

Whether it’s the 11 hours of driving or 14 hours on duty, a driver’s Hours of Service (HOS) can be a pain to keep track of, and enthusiastic drivers will push the limits of what’s allowed – often leading to violations. With an Electronic Logging Device, they’re notified when they’re reaching their limits, and you can keep track much easier. Violations will be reduced saving you money and headaches.

Inspections are Easier

For every minute your drivers are stopped for roadside inspections, that’s a minute they’re not eating up miles on the road. Instead of fumbling for paperwork or waiting for an inspector to decipher it, Electronic Logging Devices can show them, at a glance, what they need to know. And if they absolutely must have a report, you’ll be able to email it to them later. Faster inspections mean your drivers are on the road longer.

The trucking world is catching up to the available technology, and Electronic Logging Devices are a part of that. Electronic tracking and logging can save your company money and help drivers do what they need to do – drive, haul, and move goods from one place to another. Don’t wait until the deadline to meet the FMCSA requirements. Go ahead and make the switch now so you can see the benefits of getting rid of paper logs sooner rather than later.

Gorilla Safety is a complete fleet management system incorporating Electronic Logging Devices and other systems to help you manage your drivers and trucks more effectively. We are compliant with all FMCSA requirements and can help you start saving money today. Interested? Contact us and let’s talk details.

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