How to Avoid an ELD Outage

a static filled screen representing an ELD outage

You’ve used technology long enough to know that outages happen. Cell towers go down in storms. Your internet won’t connect on a laptop. Things happen. But when your equipment is what keeps your business moving (and legally compliant!), outages must be rare and long outages are unacceptable.

Outages Happen, But They Shouldn’t Be Common

At last glance, there were 340-plus ELD vendors listed on the registered vendor list for the ELD mandate. With that many companies to choose from, it’s not surprising that some (or many) aren’t offering a product that will actually do what it’s required by law to do. For fleets or small owner-operators who needed to pick something and made a quick decision, often based on cost, you might have already felt the pain of that decision. 

Outages happen. It’s why the FMCSA allows for the use of paper logs for up to eight days. But outages should be extremely rare and quickly fixed. Unfortunately, some cheap systems are cheaply made and not updated regularly or at all. In other cases, poor design causes its own problems. 

Take the situation with an ELD provider at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020. Widespread outages were reported across the country due to a syncing problem between the server clocks and the GPS once the calendar changed to 2020. Hundreds of drivers were impacted by this error because a system clock wasn’t updated to work beyond 2019. That’s unacceptable. 

Choose a Better ELD System

The best way to avoid an ELD outage is to choose a better ELD. We know it can be difficult to work your way through a seemingly endless vendor list. At Gorilla Safety, we don’t just say we’re the best. We work hard to prove it. 

That’s why we’re not only self-certified, we also hired a third-party to take a closer look. We hired KPMG to run a full audit on our ELD system and tests back in 2017. They reviewed every single test we ran, every single procedure we used, and every single result we got. And we passed with flying colors. With these results in hand, we were able to offer our customers peace of mind from day one.

These days, we update our systems regularly, testing each new change first to avoid potential outages. We offer full support, so you have help when something isn’t quite right. We also offer training for your fleet so that everyone, from the mechanics to the drivers know exactly how to use the system properly.

And we do it all at affordable prices. Beware of basic your ELD decisions solely on price, though. Ask them to back up their claims with results and reviews. Going with an ELD provider you trust and depend on is the best way to avoid an ELD outage.

Ready to make the switch to an ELD that works when you need it and a fleet management system that grows with you? Sign up, today!