Improve Your Safety Score By Keeping Up With Repair And Maintenance

Being placed out-of-service during a roadside inspection is the last thing any successful fleet wants. An inspection that turns up simple, ridiculous and expensive violations disrupts time on the road delivering cargo. Too many inspection violations can make your safety score plummet. Potential customers will see the low safety score as proof that your company is unsafe and unreliable.

Violations are preventable and vehicle maintenance issues are easily caught and fixed when drivers, mechanics and fleet managers have an easy way to communicate.

Gorilla Safety’s Repair and Maintenance module helps to prevent inspection violations. The eDVIR, Accident Investigation and Mechanic Inspections in the Gorilla Fleet Intelligence app make it easy for everyone and helps to maintain good records for later inspections.

Top 5 Most Common Vehicle Maintenance Inspection Violations:

  1. Non-working headlamps, tail lamps or turn signals
  2. Retro-reflective and projection lighting that’s falling apart, not working or hard to see
  3. Inaccurate DVIR reports — Inspector finds a defect that is not noted on the DVIR
  4. Tire tread depth less than 2/32 inch
  5. Oil or gas leaks

Our Process of Keeping Up With Repair and Maintenance

When used properly, the streamlined workflow with Gorilla Safety’s Repair and Maintenance module reduces the risk of violations found during a roadside inspection.

Driver eDVIR

Drivers performing post/pre-trip inspections can report any defects or repairs needing to be made on a vehicle in the DVIR. Notating a defect in the DVIR creates a work order for the mechanic to review and also alerts the fleet manager of the required maintenance.

Accident Investigation

It’s a fact of life, accidents happen. Gorilla Safety offers an Accident Investigation feature that assists drivers with gathering information on the vehicles involved, damage and roadways. If vehicle damage is listed on the accident report a work order is created for the mechanic.

Drivers can gather the contact and insurance information on everyone involved in the accident (including eyewitnesses) and record statements directly in the app. This information is then shared with the fleet manager who can use it when making an insurance claim.

The Accident Investigation feature not only helps with Repair and Maintenance but it also makes dealing with insurance companies easier. While on the phone with the insurance company, fleet managers have what they need to deal with the claim. This means no more too-large settlements or false claims of injury after the fact. Insurance claims will be handled quickly without premiums going through the roof later.

Mechanic Inspections and Work Orders

With the mechanic side of the Gorilla Fleet Intelligence app, mechanics can log in and see any new or scheduled work orders, create new inspections and take notes on any maintenance progress. The mechanic’s notes on maintenance progress keep the fleet manager and driver in the loop on parts being ordered, status and estimated time of completion.

With parts inventory, mechanics can add parts to their progress reporting that will calculate the cost of the work order and adjust accordingly. After the vehicle is repaired, the driver and fleet manager are notified, sign off on the repair and the driver can get back on the road.

Fleet Manager Parts Inventory and Alerts

In the Gorilla Safety Management portal, fleet managers can manage work orders, parts inventory and view drivers and mechanics creating inspection reports. With parts inventory, fleet managers can add parts with cost detail for reporting in inventory.

Gorilla Safety’s fleet management solution allows fleet managers to monitor that inspections are being done correctly and be made aware of any new work orders in progress.


When transportation companies keep up with repair and maintenance, inspections move faster, drivers get more miles under them and business keeps moving along smoothly. The maintenance is taken care of quickly and everything is recorded properly. Fleet managers, drivers and mechanics have a record of all repair and maintenance history at their fingertips.

Roadside inspection violations become a thing of the past and safety scores improve immensely when vehicles are maintained and DVIRs are done properly. Customers view a well maintained fleet as safe and reliable.

Request a demo today to learn more about how Gorilla Safety can help improve your fleet’s safety scores and streamline the repair and maintenance process.

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