Introducing Gorilla Safety

Gorilla Safety

In 2012, Congress passed the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP-21) bill, which required the use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) for commercial drivers and fleets with rules and regulations to be crafted by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The goal was to bring the trucking industry into the new century with current technology designed to cut costs and improve accuracy and safety.

The rules were announced on December 15, 2015 and drivers and fleets still using paper logs have until December 16, 2017 to comply with them.

Gorilla Safety offers the technology and support to stay compliant with the law. But our company does so much more than help you stay compliant.

What is Gorilla Safety?

We are a full fleet management system using smartphone and mobile device applications for ease of use and to reduce costs for you and your company. Our product includes an FMCSA compliant Electronic Logging Device (ELD) to keep track of the Hours of Service (HOS) for your drivers, but we also provide accident investigation, documentation storage, alerts, repair and inspection management, and much more.

Services We Provide

Here’s a brief overview of the different services we provide:

Accident Investigation – Using the Gorilla Safety app, your drivers will have access to the tools they need to investigate and document information at the scene of the accident. Statements, pictures, and more can be recorded on the spot. This can come in handy when someone who was “fine” after the accident decides to sue you weeks later for injuries.

Mechanic Inspections – Streamline the inspections and repairs of your trucks by giving your mechanics and drivers an easier way to communicate. Drivers can report a problem or possible repair and the eDVIR will notify the mechanic automatically. He’ll review it and decide if repairs are needed. Once they’re done, your driver signs off on it. Best of all, you’ll have records of the repair.

Electronic Logbook – The biggest function of an ELD is the electronic logbook function, which replaces the old paper logs. Now your drivers have an easier way of keeping up with their HOS, and you don’t have to decipher bad handwriting, deal with violations weeks after the fact, or chase down a driver for a missing, damaged, or incomplete log.

Document Management – Want to make sure your drivers have easy access to their pre-trip inspection checklists or your company’s employee manual? You can use our document storage and management feature. Upload your company’s documents, retrieve reports, and more.

Alerts – Receive alerts and notifications for repairs, inspections, and required signatures. Instead of wasting time tracking down problems after they happen, you can stop them from becoming problems in the first place with just a few notifications.

Reporting – Our mileage tracking software just made your reporting life even easier. The electronic logbook keeps up with the HOS of your drivers, but you can also have the information you need to send in your IFTA reports, share accurate information with your insurance company, deal with audits, and run your business more efficiently.

The Gorilla Safety app is an excellent alternative to the bulky and expensive ELD options you may have seen before. Use smartphone technology, cut your costs, and run your entire fleet more efficiently. Interested in knowing more? Contact us today and let’s discuss the details.

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