Looking Beyond the Mandate

Getting in and staying compliant with the law, like the ELD mandate, might be required but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. People, in general, don’t like to feel forced into things. You’re pragmatic, though. You’ll do what you have to do to stay in business, keep making money, and stay on the right side of the law.

Take a look at what an ELD can do for your fleet, your business, and your drivers beyond the requirement. You may be pleasantly surprised at how this new mandate benefits your business.

Less Paperwork

Less paperwork and the hassles that go with it are good for everyone. With automated hours of service (HOS), your drivers will spend less time doing paperwork. This means they’re on the road driving more. You’ll spend less time following up on missing paperwork, handwriting you can’t read, or missing signatures.

Insurance Savings

ELDs, in general, improve safety and decrease the risks of accidents out on the road. Over time, this will drive down your insurance premiums. You’ll also be in better shape if you ever do need to file an insurance claim. The ELD documents driver activity (and safety). With a system like Gorilla Safety, your driver will also be able to instantly share accident information with you. This helps you communicate with the insurance company and prevents the problem of a story changing later in a lawsuit.

More Efficiency

ELDs provide GPS tracking so you know where your drivers are at any point. You can help re-route them if there’s a problem, and you have a better estimate of when they’ll arrive where they need to be. ELDs also allow for better communication between drivers and dispatchers. Overall, you and your fleet will be more productive with an ELD.

Higher CSA Scores

CSA scores affect your business in a big way. Thanks to the automated processes, you’ll experience fewer HOS violations as well as form and manner violations. You’ll retain good drivers and customers with higher CSA scores.

Faster Inspections

When a driver stops for an inspection, the officer can read the results at a glance thanks to an ELD. This means fewer questions, less confusion, and less time off the road for your drivers. They’ll be back on the road quicker and happier because of it.

Important Alerts

An ELD lets your driver know before they hit a violation. They’ll get an alert when it’s close to time for a break or to stop driving for the day. Gorilla Safety also lets you set alerts for yourself so you get reminders about service and maintenance, as well as anything else you need to follow up on.

Keep and Find Good Drivers

ELDs track driver behavior. This lets you know when a driver is braking too hard, taking the longest possible route, or not taking breaks. On the other hand, you also know who your safe, responsible drivers are, too. You can get an idea of how good they are at a glance at their record – HOS compliance, truck speed, delivery times, and more.

If all you imagine when you think of the ELD mandate is a piece of technology that is being forced on you, it’s time to look beyond the mandate. Companies like Gorilla Safety are using what the mandate requires to offer you a complete fleet management system. You may be required to use ELDs but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t help your business function better and grow, too. We can help make the mandate less of a burden and more like a great way to do business.

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