Monitoring Your Fleet’s Performance

monitoring fleets performance

You’ve probably been managing fleets or working in the trucking industry long enough to remember when keeping up with drivers was something you had to take on faith. Sure, smartphones made it easier to check in and certain technology advancements improved communication, but you never really knew what was going on. Until there was an accident or you noticed a pattern of problems.

With Fleet Intelligence from Gorilla Safety, you can now monitor your fleet’s performance at all times, giving you back control over your fleet and providing you with valuable information. Here’s what you need to know.

Track and Measure

While you don’t want to micromanage your drivers too much, you need to know how they perform on the road. You can only manage what you can measure, and you only measure what you can track. Fleet Intelligence makes both easier than ever.  

If you noticed patterns in the past — extra fuel consumption, repeat vehicle repairs too often, suspicious “reasons” for an accident — but never had proof, you’re going to love this. Whatever you want to know about a driver or vehicle based on where the truck is and how it’s being driven is available for you.  

Create Driver Scorecards for Accountability

You can create driver scorecards to measure specific information daily, weekly, and monthly information. This can be a great tool to track progress, comparing actual driving behaviors to fleet goals or averages. Use it as a tool to reward good drivers, incentivize those willing to improve, and train those who need extra help.

What can you track?

  • HOS violations — in real time
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspections, including who’s rushing through them
  • Maintenance and repair requests
  • Driver behavior

Fleet Intelligence lets you track, train, and retain your best drivers. It also arms you with the information to deal with those drivers who refuse to learn and improve.

Driver Behavior

Nearly everything that happens on the road comes down to driver behavior: HOS compliance, completing inspections, getting their truck in for service, and more. But the most important behavior you can track with Fleet Intelligence is how they perform behind the wheel. More than anything else, how a driver handles a vehicle determines how safe they are and how much their driving skills costs your fleet.

Certain behaviors indicate an accident waiting to happen or help explain why fuel and repair costs are on the rise in your fleet.

  • Aggressive braking
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Speeding
  • Seatbelt usage
  • Idle time
  • Harsh cornering

A driver who consistently engages in these behaviors is not your best or safest person on the road. Many drivers will improve with guidance — they just need to be told what they’re doing wrong. Your best drivers deserve recognition for avoiding unsafe behaviors. And your fleet runs more smoothly when everyone does their job correctly. Best of all, you have less stress and hassle to deal with because you have all the information you need to deal with problems.

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