Ring in 2020 with a Safer Fleet

a road with 2020 painted on it

Having a safer fleet out on the road is good for business. It keeps shippers working with you all year long, helps you build your fleet, and determines how well your company will grow in the future. Being safe isn’t just a good business decision. It also prevents unnecessary violations during inspections and makes life a little easier when an auditor comes calling.

If you’re looking for more safety, better record-keeping, and less stress in your fleet management, Gorilla Safety can help.

Document Management

The documents you use to run your fleet are important on multiple levels: driver training and discipline, inspection preparation, and maintaining a smooth operation. With Gorilla Safety fleet management, you can store all the documents your fleet needs: 

  • Current copy of the FMCSR
  • Current copy of an MCS-90 showing liability coverage
  • Written policies for drivers and employees including drug and alcohol testing, disciplinary processes, and more
  • Driver qualification files
  • IFTA reports
  • Repair history for trucks and equipment
  • Truck registrations
  • Cab cards
  • Hiring policies
  • Pre-trip inspection checklists
  • Drivers certificate of violations — documentation of annual review and instructions on how to handle driver violations

Not only does easy access to documents keep your fleet operational, it means no one has an excuse for not complying with rules, regulations, and policies. Drivers and employees know what’s expected of them, and you know you have the documents needed to run your fleet.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Allowing a truck out on the road with lights that don’t work, dragging connectors, or bad brakes is extremely unsafe and bad for business. Keeping up with repairs, upgrades, and maintenance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Gorilla Safety offers features that allow your service techs, your drivers, and your fleet managers to stay in the loop to make sure trucks and equipment are road safe and violation-free.

  • Repairs can be requested by the driver and approved by the mechanic.
  • Once repairs are complete, both sign off and records are kept showing what was done, when.
  • You’ll have complete maintenance records for each truck.
  • Document and store post-trip inspection reports for mechanics to use and for your records.

A well-maintained truck is less likely to cause an accident or breakdown on the road. You’ll be able to keep it on the road longer and avoid rushed and expensive repairs.

Electronic Logging Device

The Gorilla Safety system is, at its core, an electronic logging device (ELD). Of course, this is required by law for the majority of trucks and drivers operating in the US. But the right ELD keeps your fleet safer and your best drivers on the road.

The information captured by the Gorilla Safety ELD helps you understand what’s happening out on the road with your drivers. Are they speeding? Hard braking? Going over their hours? Not resting enough? 

Tired, reckless drivers are hazardous to everyone around them. You’ll be able to reward your safest drivers and work with your not-so-safe drivers. Instead of waiting for an accident to happen and dealing with the expense and fallout, you can prevent accidents before they happen.

With the right tools and information, your fleet can be safer, receive fewer violations, and help you grow in 2020. Let Gorilla Safety help you manage your fleet and put the information and tools at your fingertips. Contact us today!