Special Offer For ONE20 ELD Users

one20 ELD out of service

The ONE20 F-ELD electronic logging device will be shutting down as of June 18. The owners of ONE20 sold part of their business to the Truck That company. ONE20 Inc., the division that provides the F-ELD, was not one of them. As a result, the ELD will no longer be available for users.

Many fleets relied on the ONE20 F-ELD to keep their fleets in compliance. Now those users need to find a new system.

The F-ELD isn’t the only thing that will no longer work as of mid-June. The popular ONE20 Maps app will no longer be updated or supported. This app offered discounts at truck stops, trip planning, navigation, roadside assistance, and more.

Gorilla Safety Offer for F-ELD Users

If you’re one of the F-ELD users caught in the middle of ONE20 company buyout and shuttering of the ELD, Gorilla Safety can help. For users who need to make a switch, we’re offering our Prime8 ELD and Fleet Management System for free until the end of 2019 when you buy the hardware.

What do you get when you switch to Gorilla Safety? It all depends on the level of service you need and want.

Prime8 ELD: Our most basic service is great for independent owner-operators and will keep you and your drivers compliant on the road. The hardware is a simple plug and play system and takes minutes to install into your truck. The app is easy to use. You get access to logs, user’s lists & details, vehicle lists and details, and key alerts. It also includes GPS tracking and daily logs with up to six months of online storage.

For an extra fee, you can choose one of our premium plans:

XPress Fleet Solution: Maybe you’ve got a larger fleet or want more from your ELD. The next step up includes everything from the Prime8 ELD service as well as other features like fuel consumption reports, IFTA reports, daily documents and company summary. This option also provides DVIR and DOT inspection features for the driver’s app along with a fuel tracker and daily documents.

XTreme Fleet Control: Designed for companies who need a better, more efficient fleet management system, this third tier offers all the previous benefits of Gorilla Safety plus much more. You get access to the accident reporting feature, patented repair and maintenance closed loop system, and mechanic login feature. You can also upload company documents to better managing your policies and procedures.

Right now, you need a system that works. Make the switch to Gorilla Safety, buy your hardware, and you’ll get the service free until the end of 2019. Contact us today to learn more.

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