The ELD Mandate: Don’t wait to transition from AOBRD to ELD

This is an important time in the trucking industry and compliance is vital. Phase 3 of the ELD Rule being implemented is fast approaching and the AOBRD grandfather provision will expire.

On December 16, 2019, Drivers and Motor Carriers subject to the ELD Rule must use self-certified ELD’s registered with the FMCSA.

Self-Certification is the process an ELD provider follows to tell the public and the FMCSA that the solution offered is compliant with all of the guidelines outlined in the ELD ruling.

To find out if you are required to transition to an ELD, visit the FMCSA website and learn more about the ELD Rule.

Don’t Wait

Time flies and the ELD requirements are so in depth that companies not certified will have a hard time playing catch up if they don’t transition now. It is imperative that you invest in a fleet management solution that is registered with the FMCSA before Phase 3 goes into effect.

Transitioning from AOBRD to ELD is a process that takes time to implement. The ELD hardware needs to be installed in each vehicle and fleet management software needs to be updated on all devices. All employees will need to take the time to learn the new software. Education is key when it comes to transitioning to an ELD and fleet management solution.

For more information about AOBRDs, ELDs and the ELD Rule visit the Drivers and Motor Carriers section of the FMCSA’s ELD website.

Be Proactive – Prepare Now!

  • Update non-compliant device hardware and software to verify that your fleet is following the ELD rule.
  • Educate all employees, including drivers and administration staff, on how to use their ELD and fleet management solution’s features.

Gain Confidence With Gorilla Safety

Gorilla Safety provides ELDs that are fully compliant, self-certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

We believe it is important to go the extra mile and prove to our clients the product on which they rely is indeed reliable. Because of this, we have hired KPMG, one of the lead auditing firms to review our solution.

Gorilla Safety’s solution was one of the first to certify. We have been working on the ELD product and honing the user experience for years now. The Gorilla Safety team has had a long time to get everything perfect and continuously strive to make our product even better.

Our customers can expect enhancements, customizations, integrations and other key features making this solution the easiest to use in the marketplace.

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