The Risks of NOT Using an ELD

a fleet of trucks using an ELD

Electronic logging devices (ELDs) are quickly becoming a fact of life for the commercial driving world. The OOIDA case shows that the ELD Mandate is here to stay, and the December 2017 deadline is fast approaching.

Instead of focusing on the fact that an ELD is a new mandate, it’s time to think about the risks you run by not using an ELD system.

Non-Compliance Costs Money

Between inaccurate or missing paper logs and drivers going over their hours of service (HOS), being out of compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an expensive problem. Everyone’s time is wasted while you try to track down records, and the fines you pay add up quickly. And if you’re not ELD compliant by the deadline, your trucks will be parked until you install FMCSA-approved ELDs. That’s a loss of income, business, and reputation you can’t afford.

Inefficiencies are Expensive

A good ELD does more than track the HOS for a driver. It should be a full fleet management system. When you don’t have an ELD, you can’t track when your drivers are taking longer than necessary routes, driving aggressively, or idling unnecessarily. These things cost time on the road (and delayed deliveries) as well as a huge fuel cost. And what about the maintenance on your vehicles? If you’re unable to efficiently track when a truck needs service or when a part is ready, your records won’t be compliant, and you’ll have trucks breaking down on the side of the road.

Your Accident Investigation Will Be Delayed

The Gorilla Safety app has the ability to help your driver easily share information after an accident. You won’t have to wait for pictures, statements, witness information, and all the details the insurance company is going to ask for. Without this option, as you know, it’s easier for the story to change in favor of the other driver and the huge settlement they want from you.

Your Customers Aren’t Happy

How many times have you taken a call about where your driver is or when the shipment would arrive? Too many times to count, right? With an ELD, you can see at a glance where your driver is on the road. If they get stuck behind an accident or road construction slows them down, they can be re-routed more easily, which means the delivery won’t just be on time, but your customers will be happy and think of you for their future shipping needs.

An ELD might feel like just another hassle or expense, but with what technology can do these days, ELDs make good business sense, too. You’ll save money. Your company will operate more efficiently. And best of all, you won’t have to deal with the stress of violating (even unintentionally) FMCSA rules and regulations. Much of the operational stress of your fleet business will be taken off your shoulders.

If you’re ready to incorporate an ELD that functions as a fleet management system, request a demo, today.

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