What is an Electronic Logging Device – and Why Should Your Company Use One?

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Simply put, an Electronic Logging Device (ELD) is a system that records a truck driver’s Hours of Service (HOS). The ELD is meant to replace the clunky, outdated paper log that drivers and companies have relied on for so many years. By December 16, 2017, all CDL drivers who keep a Record of Duty Status (RODS) will be required to use some type of ELD.

Electronic logging devices must be able to do very specific things:

  • Connect to a truck’s engine to record if it’s moving or not
  • Allow a driver to log-in to select their status: off-duty, on-duty, or on-duty, not driving
  • Display a driver’s RODS at a quick, easy glance

Why Should Your Company Use One Now?

You may have until 2017 to comply with the FMCSA rules and regulations, but it makes sense to go ahead and begin using an electronic logging device now. You’ll save money, almost immediately and in the long-run, with less paperwork and higher reporting compliance and accuracy. Your customers will be happier that you will be on time and not placed out of service, stuck on the side of the road.

Set up doesn’t have to be cost prohibitive, either. The FMCSA allows ELDs that utilize smartphone and tablet applications as long as they comply with all FMCSA requirements such as having a physical connection to the truck. This can easily be achieved with a small adapter and the right app on a smart phone.

Implementation is expected to cost $975 million nationwide. The FMCSA estimates that the adoption of ELDs will save the industry over $1.6 billion each year, with the reduction in crash costs totaling $395 million. The effects of these benefits will be seen almost immediately.

The right system for most companies will include more than the ELD needed to record the HOS of your drivers. You should not only be able to store the documents required by the ELD mandate but also receive alerts and reminders, conduct inspections, repairs and manage your fleet’s performance. Instead of investing in multiple, disparate, tools to help you manage your business, it’s important to find a solution that solves all of a fleet’s needs in one application.

If you’re ready to discuss how Gorilla Safety can help you comply with the new ELD rules and more efficiently manage your fleet, contact us today.

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