Safer Maintenance

It’s all about the SAFER Score, right? Well, sort of. With the new Safety Culture coming out later this year, it’s more about the culture than it is anything else.

Your fleet needs to do all it can to be sure there is a safety culture in your shop to be ahead of the curve. This means tracking, alerts and managing the fleet and each team member and process to be sure you are operating safe vehicles.

How can we help? Glad you asked. We are here to provide insights into your operation but more than that, we are here to be sure you re-order MVR’s, drivers complete pre-trip inspections, mechanics repair vehicles, drivers don’t inadvertently go over hours, preventive maintenance is scheduled and completed on time. This is the culture you have to build. This is why we are here.

Now’s the time to build a strong safety culture, we are here to help you.