4 Ways Telematics Can Help Your Fleet


telematics for fleets

A full fleet management system that includes a GPS vehicle tracking system is invaluable for running an efficient fleet. It provides information known as telematics, which only becomes available through the addition of technology to your trucks. Telematics gives you control over your fleet with more information than you’ve ever had before. That access to information will help you and your fleet in multiple ways.

Use Less Fuel

The amount of information you’ll get from a system like Gorilla Safety may surprise you, and much of it will help you lower fuel costs across your entire fleet. You’ll know very specific things about your trucks and the drivers:

  • Idle time
  • Truck speed
  • Unauthorized vehicle use
  • Routing efficiency
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Verification of fuel expenditures

When you know how drivers are operating their trucks, the routes they take, and what’s going on with the engine, you can make changes that will lower your fuel usage – and costs.

Better Maintenance

The last thing you need is a truck broken down on the side of the road or a missed service inspection. Both will sideline your driver and cost you time and money. The maintenance and service information you’ll have easy access to will save a lot of headaches.

  • You can eliminate some of the paperwork that gets lost or doesn’t get signed.
  • You can set reminders for each truck in your fleet for their next oil change, tune-up, and other basic service.
  • You can track service records so you know what work has been done and reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • You can monitor the diagnostics of a vehicle, which will help you spot and fix problems early on before they become expensive service repairs.

Correct Risky Driver Behavior

Of course, you want to believe the best of all your drivers. You work hard to hire good people and train the new drivers. You don’t have a business without them. The reality, though, is that some drivers take too many risks out on the road, and it often leads to accidents and traffic violations in worst-case scenarios and additional fuel expenses and time off of the road in the best situations. Telematics can tell you very specific things about your drivers:

  1. Do they wear their seatbelt?
  2. Are they braking hard?
  3. Are they accelerating hard?
  4. Were they speeding?

Once you know what the problems are out on the road, you can begin correcting it with more training or by finding drivers willing to follow the rules. Another side benefit, telematics can also help you clear the name of a driver who’s falsely accused of bad driving when there is an accident.

Control Insurance Costs

Any telematics system that claims they can automatically lower your insurance premiums isn’t being truthful. What a fleet management system like Gorilla Safety can do, however, is help you understand how your trucks are being driven and what’s happening out on the road. Over time, you can develop training programs so that you have safer drivers, which leads to fewer accidents and traffic violations. As a result, your insurance premiums may go down and you won’t be paying deductibles or dealing with insurance-claim lawsuits.

The power of information is that, when used properly, it allows you to make better and smarter business decisions. You’ll know what’s happening out on the road and with the truck in ways you probably never thought possible. The benefit of all of that information is that you can lower your fuel costs, take better care of your vehicles, and build your business to be more efficient and profitable than ever before.

Interested in getting your hands on some of that information? Gorilla Safety can help. Request a free demo, today.

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