June Inspection Blitz

2017 inspection blitz

Get yourself and your fleet ready, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual International Roadcheck will be June 6 through June 8 this year. The inspection blitz covers the entire North American continent, so drivers in Mexico, Canada, and the United States will be affected.

Last year, during the 72-hour blitz, more than 9,000 trucks and over 1,400 drivers were placed out of service due to inspection failures. The CVSA estimates that during the annual inspection, 15 trucks and busses are inspected each minute.

This year’s focus is on cargo securement. While they’ll place you out of service if they see any violation, inspectors will be checking to make sure your loads and equipment are all properly secured. They’ll also inspect tie-downs for wear and tear and other damage. Before you get out on the road, check for yourself to make sure you can pass an inspection.

Top cargo securement violations are:

  • Failure to prevent shifting cargo
  • Failure to prevent loss of cargo
  • Failure to secure truck equipment
  • Damaged tie-downs
  • Insufficient or not enough tie-downs
  • Loose or improperly secured tie-downs

You should always use a pre-trip inspection checklist for every trip, but during this blitz, it will be even more important. Violations are expensive and time-consuming. Don’t get caught without your cargo properly secured.

The CVSA offers a flyer of cargo securement tips to help you get ready for the June inspection blitz. Distribute these to your other drivers and make sure everyone understands the importance of properly secured cargo. When a load isn’t properly tied down, it’s not just an inspection or violation you need to worry about. Accidents, damaged cargo, and loss of life are very real threats. Let this year’s blitz help you get into a better habit of making sure your load is properly secured on every haul.

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