5 Common Violations and How to Prevent Them

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If you’ve been driving commercial trucks or managing a fleet for any length of time, there are a few violations you’ve probably seen over and over again. Perhaps you have banging your head against the wall for years trying to figure out a good, permanent fix. We’ve got the preventions necessary for addressing the most common violations.

Licensing and Medical Certifications

The problem: While your drivers all have their CDL, and you’ve got their medical restrictions and hazardous materials endorsements on file, when someone comes looking for all that information, you can’t quickly find it. Your drivers – and business – are quickly sidelined.

The solution:The Gorilla Safety platform offers easy-to-use documentation storage and management. When an auditor or someone else needs proof that your drivers are properly licensed, the information is at your fingertips.

Log Violations

The problem: Pick from one of these scenarios- “form and manner,” “not current,” or the worst one – the log can’t even be located. These violations are a nightmare and are usually due to a driver who was more concerned with getting the job done rather than filling out a piece of paper. Log violations are a hassle.

The solution: The easily accessible electronic logbook contained in the Gorilla Safety app monitors all the appropriate data, properly fills in the necessary forms, and sends in the logs to you or your dispatcher.

Vehicle Inspections

The problem: Your drivers are getting dinged for lighting problems, tire tread issues and brake inspections. Whether they forget to inspect or call in the problems, it slows down business.

The solution: Gorilla Safety offers eDVIR options that take the hassle out of inspections and reporting them by allowing users to easi.y and simply complete.

Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

The problem: Your drivers see a problem, such as an oil leak. It gets reported but not fixed or maybe the mechanic can’t read the driver’s handwriting. It takes a while to loop back and determine if the issue needs to be fixed now or later. In the meantime, you might have a driver out there on the road with a possible inspection problem or even a safety hazard.

The solution: The Gorilla Safety Repair Tracker allows for better communication and ensures the issue is reported to a mechanic and the repair is completed. The tracker keeps records of the repair, making the repair process easy and seamless.

Hours of Service Violations

The problem: Whether it’s an eager driver looking to get the job done or one who just forgets how long they’ve been on the road or when their last break was, Hours of Service (HOS) violations occur.

The solution: The Gorilla Safety app issues alerts to let your drivers know when they’re nearing the end of their drive time, when they need to take a break or when it’s time to call it quits for the day. The system also logs their hours on the road so it’s accurate and up-to-date.

Violations equate to loss of drive time and fines, which can lead to a bigger issues. Gorilla Safety’s electronic logging devices (ELDs) and their associated benefits — automation, electronic recording, and document management — make your business run smoother and your work life a lot easier.

When you’re ready to take the headaches out of your compliance issues, contact us to discuss how Gorilla Safety can help you better manage your fleet.

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