8 Reasons Why Drivers Love ELDs

a truck driver that loves our electronic logging device

You’ve probably heard of electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) or automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRD). With new technology expected perhapsperhaps you resisted making the change or just wanted to wait until the dust settled and rules were finalized. Whatever the reason, if you’re new to the world of electronic logging devices (ELDs), don’t let a new way of doing things scare you.

Ask your fellow drivers who have used the EOBRs and AOBRDs how they feel. They’ll probably give you several reasons why they love ELDs, such as:

  1. Keep up with your documentation. No more losing documentation or forgetting to complete necessary paperwork. A good ELD will help you store what you need and keep track of important data to be reported.
  2. Higher safety scores. Now that you can see exactly what you’re doing, you’ll also know where to improve, too.
  3. Less Hours of Service (HOS) violations. No more watching the clock or remembering to track the time. ELDs can notify you when you’re close to the end of your 11 hours of driving or your 14 hour duty time.
  4. Fewer reporting mistakes. Since the ELD is monitoring your data, you don’t have to wonder if you added those numbers correctly and remembered to carry the one. The reports will be filled out correctly, stored and sent in for you.
  5. Faster inspections. No more paperwork to complete results in quicker inspection times. If you have a roadside inspection, your ELD can easily show the law enforcement officer your information in real-time, without having to dig through paperwork.
  6. Easier to track and control expenses. Whether you’re an owner/operator or part of a large fleet, you still care about expenses. A good ELD allows you tokeep better track of HOS, mileage and other data – which keeps your fines down.
  7. No check calls. Your dispatcher already knows where you are and what you’re doing, thanks to the ELD.
  8. Mileage tracking, making your IFTA reporting easier. You can’t forget to write down the numbers, keep a log or worry about your math when the ELD is keeping up with the total for you.

Ultimately, as a driver, there is less paperwork and reduced tracking hassles with ELDs. You can remain compliant spend more time driving and less time filling in blanks on paper or calling to let someone know where you are and what’s going on. ELDs let you do the job you were hired to do – drive.

Gorilla Safety seamlessly offers all of these advantages and more for drivers while also allowing the entire company and fleet to benefit from many other features like GPS, repair tracking and maintenance schedules. When you’re ready to learn more about ELDs and how Gorilla Safety can help, feel free to contact us.

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