7 Ways to Keep Your Truck Drivers Motivated

motivated truck driver

How many times have you lost a good driver to the competition or watched a good driver stop caring before you either fired them or they left? Do you find yourself wondering where all the good drivers have gone? It’s disheartening.

Managing a fleet of drivers, big or small, is challenging. Being able to keep good drivers that you can trust to do the job the right way will make your life a lot easier. Motivating your drivers to do better, improve, and stay on will go a long way in keeping the good ones around.

Check out these 7 tips to keep your drivers motivated, surround yourself with people who care, and make your work life a little easier.

  1. Communicate effectively with your drivers. Let them know what’s going on. Be positive but don’t sugarcoat the negative. When people feel informed, they feel a part of the company.
  2. Ask for feedback. Do more than just talk to your drivers. Listen to them as well. Create surveys, have an open door (or open text/email) policy. When you implement changes based on suggestions, let everyone know. This will show your drivers that you listen to their suggestions and take action when necessary.
  3. Of course you respect and value your drivers, but have you shown them that? Care about who they are as people. Talk to them as if they matter. Learn something about them. When your drivers feel valued as individuals, they’re more likely to go above and beyond for you.
  4. Create chances to move up. Seniority, experience, good ratings, and meeting goals you’ve set should provide opportunities for the drivers who do their job and do it well. Maybe it’s more favorable routes or coveted jobs, but make it clear that certain types of behavior are rewarded.
  5. Share professional development opportunities with your drivers. Whether it’s an online class to better understand safety regulations or new licensing opportunities, let your drivers know when the chance to gain more knowledge and learn new skills are available.
  6. Implement a mentoring program. This will help your newest drivers by partnering them with someone who can become a resource and answer their questions. It’s also good for more experienced drivers to feel like they’re a part of making the company better and shaping new drivers for the future.
  7. Recognize and reward top performers. Instead of threatening people to reduce idle times or violations, reward those drivers who hit the goals you set, consistently improve, and work hard. Public recognition is always a good thing, because it gives your best drivers time in the spotlight. Small rewards like time off or gift cards don’t cost a lot but can make a big impact.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money motivating your drivers. Show that you care, communicate, listen, and reward good work, and you’ll find that you’re keeping the best drivers. A fleet filled with motivated, steady drivers saves you stress, helps you make more money, and is just good for business.

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