Canadian ELDs and Third Party Certification Requirements

canadian flag representing the canadian ELD

Hopefully by now you’ve heard the big news. Canada recently announced it’s own ELD mandate that will go into effect in June 2021. It is very similar to the American version but with at least one key difference. ELDs will need to go through a third party certification process in order for Canadian drivers and fleets to use them. This means some US fleets and drivers will be impacted.

What does this mean for you?

 If Your Routes Take You Into Canada…

For fleets operating in both the United States and Canada, you’re already used to following two sets of rules — American and Canadian. The Canadian ELD mandate makes that part of your job much simpler by aligning very well with the US version. But if the ELD you currently use in the US does not become certified for use in Canada, you won’t be able to use it on your Canadian routes. This leaves you with two options: 

  • Replace your ELD system with one that’s compliant with Canada
  • Stop driving routes that take you into Canada

Only you know which decision will make the most financial sense for your business.  

Some American ELD providers may not choose to become certified. You’ll need to contact your service provider and find out what they plan to do. This will help you make your decision. Even if they plan to become certified, they might not be accepted. Gorilla Safety is confident in our system and intends to go through the certification process. 

Why the Difference Between the US and Canada Matters

In the United States, ELD providers can self-certify their system. This means they affirm to the FMCSA that their ELD complies with all regulations and provides the required information. Saying something’s true doesn’t always make it so. Ask any driver stuck at an inspection because their ELD didn’t provide the right information in the right format for an inspector.

Some experts believe that for many ELD providers (who get certified in Canada) the change for fleets may be as simple as an upgrade in software. No need to make major changes to equipment or learning how to use the system. But, of course, your ELD provider will need to be able to make those changes seamlessly for you — while meeting both US and Canadian requirements. Gorilla Safety has already been certified by a third party even though it’s not required, and we’re confident we can meet Canadian requirements quickly and efficiently.

If you’re not satisfied with your current ELD provider, or if you know you need to switch to a company that will work on both sides of the border, Gorilla Safety can help. We work with large fleets and single owner-operators, offering solutions to match your budget and your business goals. Don’t get stuck with a non-compliant ELD. Make the switch to Gorilla Safety. Want to know more? Contact us today!