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flex eld

You’ve heard all the amazing and exciting news about fleet management systems with accident reporting, document storage, and maintenance requests. It sounds nice, but you’re a single owner-operator or maybe the owner of a few trucks. You don’t need all those bells and whistles. More importantly, your budget doesn’t have room for all those bells and whistles. How can Gorilla Safety help you? 

We’ve got you covered! Let us introduce you to our latest option, Flex ELD — a streamlined ELD service for operators just like you!

What is Flex ELD

Flex ELD is our newest product, designed specifically for owner-operators and small fleet operators. You get a lower cost that fits your budget without sacrificing quality. It’s perfect for companies who need an affordable ELD system, but don’t want to get bogged down in functionality that they don’t need and that doesn’t help them. It’s our simple yet effective solution for you. We call it “flex” because it offers you plenty of flexibility and our shortest agreement of only one year.

For as low as $12 per month, your trucks can be fully compliant with a third-party certified electronic logging device that’s easy to use for both managers and drivers.

What You Get with Flex

Flex ELD is our streamlined system, so you only get what you need.

Mobile Services include:

  • Prime8 ELD support
  • GPS tracking
  • Electronic logs
  • Hardware included

Web Services include:

  • Management portal
  • Driver logs
  • User management
  • Vehicle management
  • ELD

Plus, all veterans and active duty military receive a 10 percent discount! 

Your ELD Grows With You

Our equipment and programs are meant to be flexible. Not only is the hardware easy to install and the portal easy to use, the Gorilla Safety system also grows with your business. Use the most basic functions for as long as you need to. Maybe that’s another year or another five years. If the day comes that you’re ready to grow, Gorilla Safety grows with you.

Each level of our ELD system provides more and more access to different functions within our system. At any given time, you’re on a plan that fits your current business needs. As your business needs change, we’ll work with you so you have something that fits your fleet today — not your fleet from a year ago or the fleet you haven’t built yet.

Here at Gorilla Safety, we want to be your partner in your ELD use and fleet management. We designed the Flex ELD with smaller operators in mind, but with the hopes that as you grow, we can be there with you, offering solutions that help your business succeed. Need an ELD that works with you, not against you? Contact Gorilla Safety today!