Make Your ELD Transition Smoother With Gorilla Safety’s AOBRD


truck using Gorilla Safety's AOBRD

Every day you’re hit with a new rule or regulation. Failing to follow them can cost your fleet time and money. Complying with a new regulation is stressful, can be costly, and requires getting your entire staff and drivers on board so that no one gets caught out on the road breaking the rules. Violations are expensive, too.

The new electronic logging device (ELD) rule goes into effect on December 18, 2017, a date looming on your calendar. You’re probably wondering how you’re going to get everything implemented, train your drivers, and make sure everyone is set to go in time. Did you transition to the automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRD) in the past? Do you think the AOBRD would be easier to start with instead of an ELD?

You’re in luck. Any truck using an AOBRD – the predecessor of the ELD – as of December 2017 will get an additional two years to transition to the ELD (December 2019). One caveat: if you get a new truck during that time, whether you buy it or just bring it into service, the FMCSA requires it to be equipped with an ELD instead of an AOBRD. But with your existing trucks and drivers, you get more time to transition from paper logs to the ELD. Time to train. Time to adjust. Time to get you and your company ready for it.

Gorilla Safety supports both AOBRD and ELD capabilities. We can transition you from your existing AOBRD to our system or we can set you up with a new one, if you’re still using pen and paper for everything. Once you and your drivers are ready, it’s a simple settings change for your driver’s requirements.

If what you need is time to adjust and get your drivers used to a new way of doing things, the AOBRD gives you that option. You’ll still be compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) rules and requirements, but you’ll have given yourself a little breathing room to make the full switch. You won’t be faced with a chaotic transition that stresses everyone out, slows things down, and potentially costs you money.

Gorilla Safety can set you up with the AOBRD or ELD that suits your fleet’s needs. Our system is more than a way to log miles – we’re also a total fleet management system that can help make running your fleet easier, less costly, and more efficient. Contact us today so we can get you on the road to compliance.

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