Fleets Flock to ELDs for Compliance and Added Functionality

a fleet manager who just transitioned his fleet away from AOBRDs to an ELD

Carriers and fleets across the country are beating the December 16 deadline to phase out AOBRDs in favor of electronic logging devices (ELDs). Doing so well in advance of the deadline gives these carriers an advantage over their non-complying competitors and improves fleet functionality. If you haven’t made the switch yet, here’s what you need to know. 

Most Carriers Have Already Switched to ELDs

According to surveys and studies from Freight Waves, 90 percent of carriers have already made the switch to ELDs ahead of the December deadline. Nationwide carriers (those with routes that cover the country and beyond) report 98 percent compliance. Regional carriers report 87 percent compliance, and super-regional (local) carriers come in at 93 percent.

Benefits of Early Compliance

Carriers and fleets that have made the switch have given their drivers, maintenance crew, and fleet managers time to adjust to new technology and new routines for tracking and reporting. Those who wait much longer run the risk of costly mistakes as well as stress and chaos for their crews as they learn a new system at the last minute. 

While fleets with AOBRDs are currently in compliance, by December 16 inspectors will expect drivers to be able to comply with roadside inspections and that the information will be accurate. Waiting until the last minute to switch from an AOBRD to ELD could cause problems for drivers on the road and extra work for fleet managers as everyone in your fleet plays catch up. 

Making the switch now affords you time to get used to the technology, to make sure everyone is properly trained, and to work out any bugs in the system before the December 16 deadline.

What the Right ELD Offers Fleets

A good ELD system, like that offered by Gorilla Safety, provides much more than compliance with FMCSA regulations. For fleets running multiple routes, working with multiple drivers, and keeping up with the service needs of multiple trucks, a good ELD system should help you manage your fleet with less stress and more cost savings. 

  • Easier communication between drivers and mechanics
  • Reports and logs available at your fingertips
  • Alerts to let you know when something is due, you’re missing a signature, and more
  • Valuable information on routes, fuel usage, hard braking, and more
  • Faster accident reporting
  • Document storage for safety manuals, pre-trip checklists, and more

When you manage a fleet you need more than the technology that powers the ELD in each truck. You need a system designed to help you save money and time, increase efficiency, and keep your drivers and trucks safe out on the road.

Are you still using an AOBRD? Looking for an ELD system that’s easy, efficient, and cost-effective? Want a fleet management system so you can operate your business with less stress and chaos? And do you want personalized attention and help to make sure the switch goes smoothly? Gorilla Safety can provide all of that and more. Contact us today.