Monitor the Health of Your Fleet

monitoring the health of a fleet of trucks

With multiple routes and vehicles, and an entire fleet out on the road, the last thing you need are unforced errors that cost time and money. When trucks and equipment go without necessary repairs or when you get a mechanical violation during an inspection, you’re at the mercy of preventable problems.

The health of your fleet is what keeps your business moving forward and growing. Preventative maintenance and necessary repairs as vehicles age can be done more efficiently than you know. What you need is the right system to help you monitor the health of your fleet so that your business can succeed. 

Reduce Vehicle Maintenance Violations

It’s bad enough to get a HOS violation from a roadside inspection. But what about a violation for a headlight being out, tire tread depth, or an oil leak? These violations are preventable and easy enough to fix. Mechanic inspections and drivers communicating problems should keep these things from happening. But when both are hard to do, things slip through the cracks.

The Gorilla Safety app makes this easier than ever. When a driver sees a problem, they submit an eDVIR to the mechanic. The mechanic looks everything over to determine what needs to be done. Both parties communicate easily and efficiently through the app, and you don’t have to worry about mechanical violations sidelining one of your drivers.

Tracking Repairs and Maintenance

If keeping up with each PM or OOS repair one of your trucks needs feels like a full-time job, you’re not alone. The more trucks and equipment you have out on the road, the more you need to manage. It’s not just about which trucks needs to come in for service or not. There’s also parts and labor costs to track, inventory, receipts, and more.

The Gorilla Safety app lets you do this with absolute ease and even make the process paperless. Manage each truck’s preventative service and repairs with the tap of a screen. You can set alerts for when it’s time to get a truck in, see notes from previous repairs, track the cost of any repair, and know at the touch of a button or tap of a screen where a truck is in the repair process.

Give Your Mechanics More Control

Are your mechanics constantly griping because they’re inundated with repairs they don’t have time to complete? Do you feel like you have to stay on top of them for receipts or work orders? You hired these mechanics because they’re good at what they do, but they need to be allowed to do their job.

The Gorilla Safety app offers mechanics the ability to make decisions, schedule repairs, keep up with repair costs, and everything you want them to do — without dumping too many repairs on them at once. They can inspect a vehicle or equipment based on an eDVIR from a driver. They can even assign repairs to another mechanic if they’re swamped — and get your vehicle and driver back on the road quicker. You don’t have to ride your mechanics too hard, and they’ll get more done than ever before. 

Keeping up with your fleet’s maintenance and repair needs doesn’t have to be a full-time job. With the Gorilla Safety system, you keep your costs down, your repairs on schedule, and your trucks out on the road more often. Even better, you avoid preventable violations and fees while maintaining the health of your fleet so your business can grow. Want to learn more about what Gorilla Safety can do for you? Contact us today